Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Poor Buddy.

If you're a real life friend or an Instagram follower, you've likely already seen how our afternoon went, but just for the "baby book" and in case you didn't, we landed ourselves a little visit to the ER. My sweet baby boo who is a wild monkey man has been known to do things that leave us shaking our heads. He is ALL BOY and also VERY WILD. But he's also as sweet as they come. Cuddles one minute, jumping off the roof the next. 

I was in my classroom around 11:55 when the director came in and said, "I think you're going to have to take Will to the emergency room. He's cut his head open." Surprisingly, I was calm and asked, "Did he fall on the playground?" because my first thought was, "What did he jump off of now?" I had a conversation with a friend of mine just two weeks ago about how neither of our second borns had gone to the ER yet. They're both wild little boys who like to test their boundaries. They're in school together this year and we had a little laugh about it. Honestly, Eddie and I always knew it was a matter of time. 

I walked up to Will's classroom to see the damage. He was VERY shaken up, but it wasn't THAT bad. My phone picked that moment to NOT work and I tried to call Eddie about seven times in a row with no answer. I know it wasn't the right thing to do, but since I just thought he wasn't answering I texted, "Meet me at the ER." :/ Lesson learned. I got James handled (the director took him to my mom's house because her car with carseats had a dead battery. 

I actually wound up swinging by my mom's house to use her phone on our way to the ER just to try again to touch base with Eddie. He told me to call the plastic surgeon's office and see if they wanted us there or at the ER. The receptionist said that Dr. S. was in surgery so just to take him to the ER and if we needed him that the hospital would get in touch with him.

We were taken back at the ER right away. Will acted very shy at first, but not at all like he was hurting. We went through check-in and vitals and then they moved us back to see a doctor. The nurse practioner predicted they'd put numbing cream on him and then do a few stitches. When the doctor saw it he said we could pick between stitches or glue and we chose glue so it wouldn't be quite as traumatic. We waited FOREVER for them to bring the glue and steri strips. Thankfully, no numbing was necessary. Dr. B. said he recommended stitches because if he picks at the glue and gets it off then it will have done no good. HOPEFULLY, he won't. He has only messed with it once today and it was while we were talking about it. If we can make it three days with everything glued up, we're good. I still expect there will be a little {Harry Potter!} scar.

{Your eyes do not deceive you! We used the flipped around camera with this image. It's really over his right eyebrow. He is a little swollen and we totally expect him to have a shiner.}

After we left we went to get lunch (it was only about 2pm but felt like forever with an active boy in a small space!). Will conked out in the car so I just put him in a bed at Mom's house and we stayed there the rest of the afternoon and evening. He slept until almost 5pm and was exhausted at 8:30 tonight. I think he just got worn out! (They asked questions and evaluated him for a concussion and felt like he was ok.)

He was such a brave boy today! He took everything in stride. We went next door to his teacher's house tonight when we got home to show her and I asked if he'd cried when it happened. She said, "OH yes!" but by the time I got there and the whole time at the hospital, he didn't! Tough guy! I got SO tickled at him. I took his picture and showed it to him and he said, "WOW! Dat a big daddy boo-boo!" He had not a clue how badly he was hurt. Here's hoping he doesn't have a headache in the morning!


Meggie said...

Glad he's okay! Garrison just fell off the monkey bars at school yesterday and cut his chin open. A little over a month after cutting his head open and needing stitches! This time he didn't need stitches... just the glue. Gracious. Life with boys!

Lauren said...

So cute and still smiling through all of this!! Brave little man for sure!