Thursday, August 14, 2014

Show Us Your Life: Jamberry Nails

Good morning! Welcome to all you Kelly's Korner readers! I'm so excited to share Jamberry with you today.

First things first, Jamberry is a vinyl adhesive that you can apply in your own home in fifteen minutes for less than $4 an application. Lasting up to two weeks on your fingernails and up to six weeks on your toenails, these heat-activated beauties are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe!

There are plenty of reasons to use Jamberry!

All you need to apply your Jams are alcohol wipes, a cuticle pusher, your nail wraps, and a heat source! I can really do a whole manicure in right around fifteen minutes and then I can get up and do what I need to do without having to worry about my nails drying!

My favorite thing about Jamberry is the awesome Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal that we offer! If you fill up your cart, for every three you buy, you get one free! They're normally $15/sheet but that brings the price down to about $11.25/sheet. And the great part is that each sheet is good for at least two manicures and two pedicures!

I love mixing and matching wraps to make fun "Jamicures!"

We also have a great line that's sized just for little girls! Jamberry Juniors come with more, smaller nail wraps. They're perfect for little girls up to age eight. I could get away with wearing the larger ones, but the smallest sizes would go to waste. They really are for little ones! They're SO fun and cute!

Feel free to browse my website, check out my Facebook page, or send me a message for more information! I'm currently booking parties for September and October and we have a BRAND NEW catalog coming out September 1st with TONS of new products. I can do local At-Home parties or non-local Facebook parties! They're equally easy and fun! I'm also looking to grow my team! If you're interested in working from home, let me know!

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Dee said...

My daughter was looking over my shoulder when I went to your page and she went nuts over those cool nails... :)