Thursday, June 12, 2014

Liar, Liar Pull-Up on Fire...

I try to steer clear from posting every detail about the boys' lives...especially James' now that he's getting older. But this story, I think, is one of those that we'll tell him when he's older and will {hopefully} be able to laugh about one day and I don't want to forget to write it down. At the moment, I am NOT laughing.

James has still never come out of a pull-up at night. We've tried various things and our pediatrician has been super pushy about it, but it just hasn't happened for him and because this is literally the ONLY milestone he's ever been behind on, I just haven't made a big deal about it. He's woken up a few times recently with a dry pull-up, though, so I made a deal with him a few days ago that if he could go SEVEN days in a row with a dry pull-up we'd go see a movie {and transition to undies at night!}.

Yesterday morning he woke up dry. Woohoo! We celebrated big time! One day down! He was SO excited.

This morning I was in the shower and he came in and told me he'd kept it dry again. He was celebrating and dancing around and I told him to go potty but keep his pull-up on so I could see it. When I got out of the shower I high-fived him and congratulated him and celebrated, too. 

And then he said, "Did I wear a Cars pull-up or a Jake pull-up last night?" Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! I was on HIGH alert after that question. We've had some trouble with lying lately and he will lie straight through his teeth at me. It's payback, because I was a pretty proficient liar, but I was like TEN, not four. I normally go through the whole, "Jaaaaaames. If you get caught in a lie, it will be WAY worse than if you just tell me the truth even if it's disappointing." Noooo, he kept his pull-up dry. "Jaaaaames. If I go and look in your trash can will there be a wet pull-up on top of yesterday's dry pull-up?" Hmmm. Ummmm. "No. There won't be one. But DON'T go look." "Jaaaaames. Last chance. I AM going to go look into your trash can. Would you like to correct this problem first?" Yep. He fixed it.

I'm currently sitting on the old, "Daddy and I will have to let you know what the consequence is for lying about this." I'll probably still continue the 7 days in a row thing, because I think we're probably RIGHT on the edge of potty training at night. BUT there will be a consequence for the lying today. I texted Eddie and told him what happened and he said, "Did he tell you that I saw him on the way out and I already KNEW his pull-up was wet?" Well, no. He forgot to mention that.

Y'all, I'm a little terrified about the teenage years. At least I can guilt him into the truth for now. 


Meggie said...

Hahaha... this makes me chuckle... especially the part about your husband already knowing the truth. Ha! Sorry! But I think it's because I can relate. We've dealt with lying too. And it's sooo hard because you want them to feel safe telling you the truth and you want them to understand the whole "boy who cried wolf" thing, and you really want to nip it in the bud while they're young... but it doesn't always click. I'll let you know if I figure out what does click. =)

Simply LKJ said...

Awww...he was probably terrified of disappointing you both. Especially after a good day yesterday. I personally hate pull ups! I have always found kids go in them because they know they can! Yes, wet beds and jammies are no fun for mom and dad, but they do learn quickly. Heck, they don't like being wet for long!!! I am sure you have tried many things already, but if I are a few suggestions (I teach little ones and have potty trained many...including my oldest who would not go in public due to auto flush toilets and would hold it til she could not go! UGH). Hold all liquids at least an hour prior to bedtime. If you haven't already, take him on a special outing for "big boy pants" with characters on them he loves. Put those on him then a pull up on top...encourage him not to wet his "favorite" character during the night. Don't ask...but it has worked for many. The idea is he will think he has "big boy pants" on that is what is closest to him. I love that you are not rewarding him every day, but requiring an extrended period. So many will be great for a day or two, then get bored with the reward and regress. Sorry if I have over stepped my boundaries with advice :-)