Monday, June 23, 2014

A Bittersweet Milestone.

If you know us in real life, you probably know that I have had a little problem letting go of my bitty baby's sweet little curls. I had a similar problem with James but he had a mullet and the curls were not nearly as precious. We trimmed James' hair at home fairly often before he had a haircut at a salon and normally it just needed it around the ears. He was blonde and bald for a while so there wasn't much to it.

James' first haircut at 18 months...

Will, on the other hand, has an entirely different head of hair. He had hair in the womb. I know because I had to have an EKG while I was pregnant with him because I was certain I was having heart problems. My midwife ordered the EKG and then when I went for a follow-up the doctor laughed at me. Nope, just severe heart burn and reflux, ma'am. The evolution of Will's hair has been quite hilarious to watch.

He sported "the toupee" for a bit.

The beginnings of a curl in the back.

Last summer it got thicker and wavier. It was curly on really humid days.

And then this year, this happened:

The toupee turned into a 'fro. And it was PRECIOUS and hilarious and I loved it, but it drove him nuts. I wish, wish, wish I'd taken a picture of wet hair because in the back it was down to his shoulders and in the front it was down to his nose. He SWIPED it back all the time. I joked about needing to put a barrette in it. Nope. Eddie wouldn't allow it.

So last week I bit the bullet and made an appointment for his first haircut and followed through today. He looks like such a BIG boy. But seriously, Mom. He's almost two and a half.

His hair was actually under control early this morning. James was sweeping up his own hair. Gotta work for our haircuts. Sorry, Papa and YaYa. James hopped up in the chair and said, "I want it like my daddy's." I immediately said, "Nope!" but she buzzed the sides and trimmed it short on top like he wanted and he's felt it all day and told me how awesome it feels.

 The curls are still there so Mama is happy but it sure makes him look BIG.

This one's pretty handsome, too!

Love these boys!

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Simply LKJ said...

They are so cute! All three of my brothers had hair like that. Me...stick straight. Go figure!!