Wednesday, May 14, 2014

End-of-the-Year Performance.

The three year old classes at James and Will's school perform at the Pre-K graduation ceremony every year. Each class sings four or five songs and then they sit quietly in their seats for graduation and a video presentation. James has been looking forward to this night for MONTHS and it finally happened on Monday. I have a DVD to share with those who weren't there. James sang SO loud {not in a yelling-singing way, just in a I-know-the-words-and-I'm-confident way} that we could hear him over everyone and all the way in the balcony. This year was a Disney theme which we loved, of course!

{The middle microphone is directly under James' face. He's RIGHT in the middle on the second row, pointing to his cheeks.}
LOVE this sweet lady. She has been such a blessing to us, as has Mrs. D, who had a stomach virus over the weekend and couldn't come Monday. I'm sad that the school year is over ONLY because of what awesome teachers they are.

I'm so proud of my boy! I'll share more about his year later in the month, but it was an awesome one. I cannot believe we're headed to Pre-K next year! Say it ain't so!

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