Monday, March 24, 2014

A Birthday, A Day Off, A Stomach Bug.

We had a mostly good weekend. Mostly until today.

Friday night we went with Eddie's parents and sister to eat dinner for his birthday. We sent the boys home with Grandmama and Granddaddy afterwards and headed to MaraDare and Cal's house where a bunch of our other friends were having dinner. We totally just showed up and surprised them (our other plans were to go to Publix...woohoo!) and I said, "We CANNOT stay until midnight," and then we totally did. We have such fun friends!

Saturday we got a day off and I didn't realize that we would! Grandmama, Kelly, and the boys ran a color run in town on Saturday morning. James has run in LOTS of races, but this was Will's first. They both wound up with skinned knees, but they finished and I think they had a fun time!

I spent the day picking up around the house and little, but basically being a bum. Eddie worked in our neglected yard. He went and picked the boys up at suppertime and they were exhaus.ted.

And because they were exhausted, I wasn't all that concerned when James wandered into our bedroom in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday(for the first time in WEEKS) and announced he thought he was going to throw up. No warning bells or anything went off...but maybe they should have.

He never got sick, but I kept him home from Sunday School and went by myself. Thankfully, I had a small crowd and we had a FUN time with Resurrection Eggs and Easter Bingo.

When I got back home we ate lunch and everyone in our house took a nap. When James woke up he woke everyone up and that's when it was apparent that something was just not quite right. Eddie wasn't feeling well. Y'all, he has that blasted stomach virus AGAIN. Boys and girls, in case you've not been keeping count, since January 4th we have had TWO rounds of bronchitis, THREE mice, and TWO rounds of the stomach virus in this house. I am so sick and tired of scrubbing the crap out of this house that it is unreal. I am praying the rest of us don't have it (although, I'm not sure it didn't start with James since he hasn't felt well today). Will had some tummy troubles on Wednesday and Thursday so MAYBE it started with him? But it seems like a long time to have waited to jump on the rest of us. UGH. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND STAY AWAY.

One funny thing from Sunday...I went to Publix and left Eddie and James at home. (Let's be honest...I really didn't want to risk taking a child who might puke at the store.) Since James was basically alone in our house (because Eddie was laid up in the bed and I told him not to go back there unless the house was on fire), I dialed my cell phone number into our portable house phone (did y'all know people still have those? I couldn't tell you what our number is, though...) and showed him how to hit redial on it in case he needed something. I got FOUR phone calls from him in the hour that I was gone. The first phone call was to ask if I'd found the Rice Krispy Treats yet. I was actually on the aisle where I could look for them so I assured him that I was placing them in my cart and reminded him to only call if it was an emergency. The second phone call was to tell me I'd "...been gone for HOURS." HOURS, people. Translation: 30 minutes!!! That time I told him I could shop more quickly if he wouldn't keep calling. And I got two more calls after that. On the fourth I missed it but called him to let him know we were returning home. When he answered the phone he said, "Why are you calling me?" Ummm...excuse me, SIR. I'm returning YOUR phone call. Goodness. We need to work on the definition of an emergency and we need to work on manners!

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Amy said...

poor eddie! i have heard of so many people getting it more than once - it's a doozy! my brother had it twice and so did my momma!

laney had it last mon/tues and libbi got it on friday. she's now going on DAY FOUR of the nasty bug. i feel ya on the scrubbing…. i am SO SICK of washing clothes and sheets and towels and blankets and everything in between. and the smell of lysol is just as awful as the alternative smell right now. ugh. hope y'all are well soon and that it ends NOW!