Monday, October 21, 2013

Peter Pan Party!

James told me back in February that he wanted to have a Peter Pan party for his birthday this year and he never mentioned anything else. I tried to convince him to do a few other things, but he remained steadfast in his decision. I had the hardest time finding ANYTHING Peter Pan. Even though the movie was re-released this year there weren't plates, napkins, cups, ANYTHING party related to be found. I wound up sort of putting my own spin on's pretty heavy on the pirate side because that was EASY to find. There were LOTS of things I really wanted to do, but because we were doing a small family-only party at my Mom's house, we kept things small and I scratched out a lot of fun ideas. {I would have had games set up in different areas - Mermaid Lagoon, the Indian Camp, the Lost  Boys' Hideout, London, etc.} Oh, the possibilities with this theme!

{I used Sweet Peanut Paperie on Etsy for the invitation and she had it done and to me 30 minutes after I ordered on Saturday morning. I was SO impressed!}

Mom and I got to work Friday night and a quick glance at the weather forecast told us our best bet would be to set up inside. She has a GREAT patio and we really wanted to do it out there but it rained on and off all day Saturday so inside was just easier. We DID do a fire in the fire pit with s'mores at the end of the party.

{The pom pom garland was SO easy. So fun, too. The book garland was just two books that I pulled the pages out of, cut them into pennant shapes, and then hole punched and hung them. It turned out cute and was way too easy.}

{The table set-up was fun. The placemats were a fun find at Hobby Lobby. They're supposed to be pirate map favors. Perfect. The gold doubloons and compasses were in the same place. The Tick Tock Croc is a flashlight. It was part of James' gift from us. The pirate ship was a fun addition from Mom. John had a pirate obsession as a kid and this was a leftover. Napkins folded like Peter Pan's hat was an idea I found on another blog and I thought it was GREAT for the pirate-heavy shindig.}

{Cake made by our fantastic baker-friend, Nancy. She baked and iced and let James place the figurines. You may notice that some of them are in up to their waists. It turned out really cute and was SO tasty. Thanks, Nancy!}

{Somebody really thought the cake was tasty!}

 Sure wish I'd taken pictures with people at the party. I get so distracted.

It was a tiny party - there were only 13 of us there - but we had a fun time. James enjoyed spending time with everyone! Pizza, cake, s'mores, family, and lots of fun presents to open. What's not to love?


pcb said...

What a great party idea James had! I always think young children enjoy parties with family so much more than the ones with a dozen or more kids running around. The focus can be on the birthday boy instead of crowd control!

Amy said...

this is adorable, lauren!!! love the pics of will trying to sneak some cake ;)
and james looks SO grown up all of a sudden! doesn't four just sound (and feel) SO much older than three?! :(
love how happy he looks in all these pictures! :))

Meggie said...

What a great party! LOVE the details. =)