Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Lately.

Other than having fun with Halloween projects, we've been busy living life. We're still trying to get our house fixed up and repaired (it's amazing the bumps and dings you notice on a house once you decide you aren't going to live in it anymore) and hope that it will be on the market THIS WEEK. If you're looking for a house in Middle Georgia, you just let me know! ;) The boys have been in school and we've had church activities and visits with grandparents galore! Here are some pictures I've neglected to post on the blog (although a lot of them have been on Instagram).

We finally have a kitchen door small enough for a baby gate. I've waited years for this moment. I can finally start supper without babies underfoot. AND sneaky little James can't get in there and eat without my assistance (this is a problem since we have to check ingredients for him).

Table manners by Will...If ever you get mashed potatoes between your toes, just LICK them off! I was just shocked that one of my potato haters was eating mashed potatoes! Please pardon the laundry drying in the background.

This is how Eddie and I have "watched" most of the Georgia games this listening on the radio. Our house looks empty of lots of things and we have no tv and cable.

This is Wednesday Afternoon Will. Mr. Will is a napper. He sleeps from about 1:30-4:30 or 5 every single day. Except Wednesday when I have to wake him up for church. I let him sleep until about 3:15 and then I wake him, put his shoes on, and throw him in the car so this is usually the look I get.

Birthday party haul. Not a pirate theme...even though it looks like it. ;)

We've had to borrow a pair of leggings from Anne Margaret for Will's Halloween costume and I could just eat him up in them. They're actually RUFFLED so I turned them inside out. 

House progress! This room has never been so clean and tidy. It's my "QUICK! Visitors are coming! Throw everything in this room!" room.

Baby Linus. Baby Model.

James went to the circus a few weeks ago with Grandmama and Granddaddy and had a ball. I got SO tickled, though, listening to him later that night while he was talking to Eddie. He said, "Dad, it was my lucky day!" Eddie asked why, thinking he'd of COURSE say because he went to the circus. He replied, "Because I got to be the DOOR HOLDER at school today!" He really did have a great time, though! ;)

If you follow on Instagram you already know this, but last week I heard the following:
*Slam!* *Bam!* *Running*
James: MOOOOOOOM! Will ate my pancake!
Me: Will? Did you eat James' pancake?
The above face is his response. Stinker.
I found out later that Will ate one of James' pancakes because James ate one of Will's. Interesting how I didn't get the whole story...

Dixie has apparently been riding in style lately. My mama has been strolling her around like this IN PUBLIC. She's officially a crazy dog lady.

The boys went to see Papa and YaYa a few weekends ago and I got this sweet picture. What cutie pies, huh?

James prepared me a snack the other day.

Yesterday we got to see Anna and Lance and we ate lunch with them and Cacky at Cracker Barrel. The wait was LONG, but we enjoyed rocking while we waited. Aren't their pumpkins shirts SO cute? I'll share info on them soon!

Hope y'all are doing well!

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berryman said...

totally just bought that Georgia jersey for Bo today at Marshall's...haha...

Hope the move is going smooth and yall can sell that house QUICK!