Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 8 - Fall Preschool Crafts

I'm going to share three preschool crafts today that can easily be done with younger children. I'll likely share more of these (I do spend my days coming up with time fillers!), but here are three we've done (and James has done at Sunday School and preschool!) this week.

Pumpkin Patch Family

One of my best friends and I are teaching Sunday School together this year. I say we're teaching together, but really it's either been her on her own or me texting her on Saturday night saying, "WHAT ARE WE DOING TOMORROW?!?!?" She's been super patient and she's probably ready to fire me. This week we talked about how God created families when Adam and Eve had children. Lori is a superstar teacher and she tied in our family lesson with a seasonal craft and we made Pumpkin Patch Families. We stamped the boys (all boys!) knuckles and pressed them down on the paper. Just add stems and vines and viola! Each boy had four in their family and we labeled each pumpkin accordingly.

Ghost Wind Socks

These aren't wind socks but I can't come up with a better description. James came home from school with this and I thought it was so cute and easy to do. Their letter this week is G and it worked perfectly. They took paper plates and glued eyes and a mouth on. Then, they glued three white crepe paper streamers onto the back of the plate at the bottom, punched holes in the top, and strung yarn through the holes. I hung it in his room and the fan makes it move. He thinks it's cute and I think it's cute!

Apple Stamping

Okay, I have to admit that this was a spur-of-the-moment project that I decided upon after James was obviously bored one afternoon this week. I quickly hit Pinterest and stumbled upon a few apple activities. Seeing that I had kraft paper, paint, and apples on hand, we got to work. I covered the boys' table with kraft paper, cut my apples in half (one from top to bottom and one through the middle), and put paint on a wax paper-lined pan. My goal was that we'd stamp the apples onto the paper and be able to see the differences but when you're three and there LOTS OF PAINT putting just a little onto anything is a foreign concept. SO. I just let him go to town and play. Which turned into covering the apples in paint. Which turned into finger paint. Which turned into cover my own hands with paint. I have to admit that I am so Type-A and such a control freak (I'm admitting it!) that I was having to take deep, calming breaths as I watched this play out. And then when my bathroom was covered with red paint I might have said not-nice words to James. I did apologize later, but I can safely say I won't be repeating this project again. Eddie asked why I didn't just strip him down and do this in the backyard and I just didn't think about it. It WAS fun...but be prepared for a big 'ol mess!

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