Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 21 - Halloween-Themed Dinner

Have you realized that I am trying to rapidly catch up right here at the end? This wasn't really Day 21, it was Day 28! Yikes! We'll see what I get done between now and the 31st, what with Eddie being out for a work dinner tomorrow night, Wednesday being my birthday, and Thursday being Halloween! It has snuck right up on me this year! I've enjoyed scattering little treats for my baby boos here and there this month to celebrate Fall and Halloween...BUT we have been BUSY and we've all been SICK and I am ready to be done! On with Thanksgiving! ;)

Tonight we had a Halloween-themed dinner. I've been thinking on this for a while - and there are a LOT of ideas out there...try Pinterest - but I just couldn't come up with anything that I wanted to do that wasn't too disgustingly gross {because then I wouldn't want to eat it...I just can't handle gross} or too over the top or something that my kids would eat. And this doesn't have ANY green vegetables...I'm well-aware {Eddie did eat a salad...}...or protein, but it was fun and the boys LOVED it. {Yes, we do normally eat proteins and vegetables. I promise.}

Potato soup is one of my favorite, FAVORITE things. {I probably ate 50 bowls of it while I was pregnant with Will.} My boys have never been big fans of potatoes unless they're deep fried. Imagine my surprise and DELIGHT when James declared it DELICIOUS tonight. No, not a healthy food. But certainly a win on the "try new things" front! So potato soup was on the menu anyway...and then I added grilled cheese {cut in the shape of ghosts}, Cuties {disguised as Jack 'O Lanterns, of course!}, banana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes {James gave his - sans chocolate chips - to Will}, and string cheese {ghosts? broomsticks?}. Dinner was a hit. Next challenge - making vegetables more fun so that James will try those!

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