Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 20 - Fall Festival!

I shared our costumes last night because we'd spent the evening at the Fall Festival at our church. If you missed that sweet picture, just scroll down.

We took Peter Pan and Captain Hook out last night to play games at our church. I really thought we might have to leave Captain Hook at home, but thankfully he pulled his act together and changed his attitude. I know that Captain Hook is supposed to be mean and bossy, but let's just say that his Daddy and I were ready to feed him to the Tick Tock Croc.

First up, we played some of the games!

It's well-established that James is not a fan of heights and that inflatables have been our nemesis. The picture below is after I rescued Will {who couldn't climb to the top but also got up there and froze}. This is AFTER I'd already climbed up to rescue James. We avoided these for the remainder of the evening.

The boys decorated cookies and ate them.

Is this not the cutest Lone Ranger and Tonto ever?

The outside "attractions" were the highlight. Barrel train rides...

{This picture CRACKS ME UP. Not only is it not as much fun to hold your brother to ride, but James LOUDLY told us that "THAT GIRL IS BLOWING THAT HORN RIGHT IN MY EAR!" He looks like he's ready to tear that horn right off, doesn't he?}

We also did a hayride that the boys enjoyed but I didn't take any pictures.

Later in the evening we had a snack from the concession stand and stopped to watch the Bluegrass Band. James has had a little crush on our music director for a bit and she sings in the Bluegrass Band. He got a front row seat and didn't MOVE for 15 minutes. She requested a picture with the groupie afterwards. ;) He said that listening to the band was the highlight of his night and wants to be in the band when he's old enough!

What a fun night! Lots of fun {and very thankful for the help from Cacky, Grandmama, and Kelly!}

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