Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Doctor, House Projects, and Date Night.

Weekends fly by so quickly, don't they? I really feel like since I've had children the days just FLY by. Slow down the growing up!!!

Will was sick from Monday-Saturday. He was just pitiful. I took him to the doc-in-a-box here in town on Wednesday, but then just to be safe we saw our regular pediatrician on Friday. Will has had an enlarged lymph node behind his ear since at least June. I wasn't worried about it until this week when he started running fever. Dr. W. pricked Will's finger and they checked things out for us on Friday. His white blood cell count was low, but still in the normal range. Everything else looked FINE so we chalked it up to him having a viral infection. Poor buddy. Dr. W. told me to expect a rash and that he'd be well by the end of the weekend. Sure enough, rash on Saturday, feeling find on Sunday! Hallelujah! I'm so thankful he feels well, but I'm also thankful that this illness didn't come with a cough and runny nose - and only one instance of throwing up. Whew!

The following picture is not a true representation of our time at Dr. W.'s office:

It looked more like this. Yes, he is laying in the floor of the DOCTOR'S OFFICE. No, I was not embarrassed. Yes, he was mad because I wouldn't let him go into the hall and/or turn off the lights in the room and/or close the door. They were SO sad to see us go after our appointment.

But that little wild man started eating and drinking again on Friday afternoon (hallelujah!) so I didn't stay frustrated with him for long.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early so that some workers could come to our house. We're having a bunch of things done over the next week. Eddie and Mr. Tommy and two "handy men" got to work on Saturday. They pressure washed the whole house, painted the back of our house (we have three-sides brick), replaced all of the screens on the windows, replaced our backdoor, re-caulked the bathtub and shower in the master bathroom, mudded all the holes in our house from misplaced nails and dings from doors, etc., and got things looking in better shape. We're also having our roof replaced this week. They worked hard in the heat!

Will and I did what we do best - read and shopped. (James was off making snow cones and bowling with Grandmama. Rough life.)

Sunday we made plans for dinner with some of our best friends. It's been fun to have more friend-gatherings this summer. This time it was just one other couple. We met at Logan's (we choose this often when we're out alone because James can't eat there with us) and had the best time chatting and catching up on life.

We've been pretty busy this week already. Swimming (Will is a HUGE fan!), the zoo, and some travels. Summer is quickly coming to an end. Boohooo! The boys go back to school in two weeks. I am a little sad, but I'm also pretty excited to have a ROUTINE. This has been the wildest, craziest summer ever and I am ready to have a schedule, a routine, and a few weekends of just the four of us!

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The Morrows said...

So glad he was ok!!!! Scary thing when your kids are sick :(