Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Beach.

Last Monday we loaded up the boys and went to the beach. In all honesty, I was dreading it. We'd just been to Atlanta for the weekend, and the idea of coming home to unpack, wash, dry, and repack {and squeeze in a dentist appointment during Will's naptime!} was just not what I wanted to do. But Poppy told James about it. Know what you DON'T do to a 3-year-old? Tell them anything ahead of time. It makes it official. My saint of a husband took off Wednesday and Thursday to go with me to the beach. I couldn't have gone the 3.5+ hours in the car alone, especially with a child who is ready to be forward facing but isn't supposed to be. SO. Off we went on Monday night after work.

I would love to recap the whole trip for you, and maybe I will at some point (I need to get all of the pictures off of mom's phone), but I thought I'd share the following beach picture failures and say that I am so, so glad that we went. It wasn't an easy trip, but we had a fabulous time. The morning after we got home was when Poppy went to the hospital. Poppy, James, Eddie, and I all went to the swimming pool on Wednesday afternoon and had the most fun.

These pictures are from Wednesday afternoon. The boys wouldn't cooperate and participate in my photo session, but they make me laugh when I look at them.

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