Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday.

I'm back with Darci for more Five on Friday. I'm loving this little link-up. Fun way to think about things at the end of a busy week.

1. Friends and family. Our family has been SO well taken care of this week. One whole week of Sonny being in the hospital and Mom being there with him. We've been home, holding down the fort and keeping life for the littles as normal as possible (which is tough with a VERY perceptive and intuitive child). Our answering machine has 23 messages on it offering prayers, help, and asking how Sonny is doing. We're so thankful for that! My friends have been FABULOUS. From offering to help with our boys to offering meals, we have appreciated every single bit of it. I can't thank everyone enough. Mom has been inundated with phone calls and texts and she said some FABULOUS gift baskets arrived yesterday. So sweet. {So many of you have asked how he's doing. He has remained stable all week and is doing exactly what the doctors want. It's going to be a long road and the continued prayers are very much appreciated.}

2. Drop off preschool. James and Will's new preschool offers drive through drop-off and pick-up. I really, really thought James would HATE it. But I talked it up big that only the BIG kids get to do it (because I still have to take Will in and pick him up inside). He told us today that he didn't like it and then said, "I'm just teasing you!" It was SO easy to drop off and pick up today. Will isn't a fan of being buckled in so the fewer times, the better. Will did, however, pitch a FIT when Mrs. Amy got James out of my car. I don't know if it was that he wanted to go, too, or that someone was taking his brother but he wasn't happy about it.

3. Captain Hook costume. Disney Store came through for me! They brought back the Captain Hook costume for Halloween and it's about HALF the price of the stupid USED ones on eBay. Take THAT! I'm so thankful. It's still pricey, but considering I paid about $5 total for James' costume last year, and he's asked for this since FEBRUARY, I didn't mind so much. I don't think I've ever announced Halloween costumes before sharing pictures ON Halloween so y'all pretend like you don't know now.

4. Outbreak by Robin Cook. This is a GOOD one. I've so enjoyed it. So much that I got another one of his books to start soon, too! I thought it was the basis for the movie, and some of it does seem similar, but it's very, very different, too.

5. Skillet Lasagna by Pioneer Woman. We had this after Open House on Monday and it took all of about 15 minutes to make. (It did help that Anna started boiling the water for the noodles before we ever got home!) Quick, easy, and delicious. I MAY bake mine next time to get the cheesy more melty and browned before serving. Either way, it's a winner! {I subbed ricotta for the sour cream that it calls for.}

I think I could really list about five more fun things this week. I've got a fun little post coming up soon with the boys' back-to-school goodies. James has been THRILLED with "snack notes" this week - just a little note stuck in his snack bag for school. I'll be printing THESE out very soon - scroll way down. (Thanks, Amy!) I'm thrilled to pick up my bridesmaid's dress for a wedding next weekend, to have my house cleaned this afternoon, and to have a babysitter for the afternoon. Whew! Things are getting done, people!

We have a VERY full weekend. I had anticipated having to go to Atlanta again to be with Mom but Anna went and I stayed home. Busy, busy, busy this weekend. Lots of change going on in our household and I'm excited about it all!

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Kelly Slater said...

I am starting to look for Halloween costumes too, and I'll have to check out Disney! Thanks! Have a great weekend!