Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekend Rewind.

A little late, but here's a piece of last week, the weekend, and this week!

We've spent our summer burning up the highway so far. Eddie's work has had him in various places up and down Georgia interstates so we've just followed along behind him and have lived out of suitcases for the first two weeks of July. This is what the life of nomads looks like:

Last week found us back at home for the end of the week and weekend. I spent some time organizing around the house (does anyone besides me ever want to just throw it all away and start over?!) and cleaned up our bedroom, bathroom, and closet which seems to always get skipped over whenever we have company over. I kept texting Eddie pictures like these:

We also got to have lunch with some of our favorite friends at Chick-fil-A - and ran into several other friends while we were there! James enjoyed lunch with Mrs. K. and Baby K. and Will just enjoyed lunch. :) We missed the memo that it was Dress Like a Cow Day, but we sure enjoyed the people watching!

We worked in the garden this weekend. We have just been tickled about our garden this year. We moved it from the back of the backyard to the front of the backyard and it made all the difference in the world. Now we just step out the backdoor and there it is! James has loved looking to see what's growing (although the only things he's even tasted are the strawberries!) and picking what's ripe. I know some people's gardens have been destroyed from all the nasty weather we've had in the southeast, but ours has thrived and has outgrown its space. We did find squash bugs on our spaghetti squash over the weekend so those are goners. Eddie pulled the whole vine up. We have three watermelons that are almost ready (if the sun would come out and ripen them up!) and I've had lots of cherry tomatoes. I also had my first Cherokee Purple tomato today - I made it into a sandwich. James picked it when it was still green but we sat it in the window sill and it was delicious!

We were crazy enough to make s'mores for the boys this weekend (in the microwave since our wood pile is just soaked) and they enjoyed every bite. I think next time I need to buy ONE Hershey bar instead of the package because I have zero self control around those things. Gracious.

Will is into doing ANYTHING that James is doing these days. He seriously copies James' every move. One thing we've never really worried about with James is dare-devil tactics. James is scared of everything. He's exactly like me in that respect. Mr. Safety is not about to attempt anything that might get him hurt. Will is NOT Mr. Safety. Jump out of an airplane? Sure! Swim with sharks? Let's go! I am in for it when he's a teenager. James may be sassy and bossy but he is not very likely to land himself in the emergency room for recklessness. Will, on the other hand, definitely will. Will will. Our dentist noticed that James had a chipped tooth at his appointment in January and told me if he ever knocks anything playing or rough housing to just call me. I assured him that he won't see James for that, but we'll likely be in there for Will at some point. He will be the stitches and broken bones child. Here are the latest crazy antics. Gray hair, my friends. He's giving me gray hair.

We took the boys swimming on Sunday afternoon. This was the first time we've gone with James this summer (he's gone for swimming lessons, but the rest of us had not). He was very, very nervous and anxious when we asked him to swim instead of tip-toeing around the shallow end. We did get him to swim across the short end of the pool and swim to Cacky in the deep end off the ladder, but he wasn't interested. We're hoping if we take him a lot more often that we'll have him really swimming by the end of the summer. Mr. Safety takes after his Aunt Anna where swimming is concerned. Will LOVED swimming and would get his face wet but doesn't understand not to breathe/drink the water so we had lots of coughing and sputtering a few times from him. Both boys had fun but the water was COLD. We left when it started raining on us.

And a few other random things that we've been doing:

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I loved the pic you posted of your Ditsy Daisy headband but couldn't find them online!

Hope you're having a great vacation! When will you be settled in your new spot?