Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday: Anniversary Edition.

It just so happens that this Five on Friday falls on my 5th anniversary! So...all things wedding and anniversary for my post today.

1. Gin Creek. We got married in Hartsfield, Georgia which is the teensiest little town outside of Moultrie, Georgia. It was the hottest, gnattiest day of the year (which happens when teachers get married!) but the location was beautiful and I cannot say enough about the people at Gin Creek. They take care of EVERYTHING and are so easy to work with and we loved them. If I went back and redid everything about my wedding I would still have it there. (These are all pictures of pictures - we only had prints, not a CD - so the quality isn't great. We used Carrie Viohl at Studio Viohl and she was fabulous!)

2. This is our first anniversary that I haven't been pregnant or nursing. :) Fabulous, huh? Our first anniversary we went to the beach with friends (and I was big-pregnant) the week before but we've never actually been anywhere alone on vacation. Until now. We really wanted to take a BIG Caribbean five-year-anniversary trip but with two boys that are still little and a big birthday trip this year, plus two out-of-town wedding trips coming up, we just couldn't swing it. Instead, we're sitting beachside in Palm Coast, Florida ALONE this week.

3. In our five years of marriage we have - moved to a new town, I got a new job and then quit that job after a year to be a stay-at-home mom, Eddie has switched positions within his company twice, we bought a house, we had two boys, and we're embarking on something new very soon!

4. We got married twice. What? I haven't told you? Ha! We had a friend marry us at our wedding who was trying to get ordained. It meant that he was allowed to marry people in his church, but if the board doing the ordination got wind that he'd married people NOT in his church he might get in trouble about it. He'd recently moved from our church to another so we didn't want to jeopardize his chances. Instead, we got one of my best friend's uncles, a judge in our town, to marry us two days before our wedding. So. Married twice! I have hilarious pictures of Eddie carrying me over the threshold of my house when we returned from eating - at Longhorn! - to celebrate our marriage, but I can't find them. Maybe when we're home I can locate them. 

5. This boy that I married is my very best buddy and I can't imagine doing life without him. Happy Anniversary, Eddie! Can't wait to see what the next five bring!


Lynsey said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! How is Sophie's book?? I haven't bought it yet but want to read it soon!

berryman said...

happy anniversary! How cute about the 2 weddings!! My mom still asks if Jason was really allowed to marry us....:)

Hope to see you soon...enjoy this week!

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope yall are having fun and I loved the married twice story! Too funny!

Unknown said...

This was such a great 5 on Friday!!! I love the pic of you with the parasol. Happy anniversary (a little late!)