Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This and That.

*** Please note, there may be a little whining ahead. I'm working through some parenting issues. I don't really like to share all the nitty gritty dirt on my kids' behaviors, but this is what's happening this week.***

My house looks like a tornado has gone through it. (Also, I noticed recently that tornado is one of the more Southern-sounding words that I say. I should probably post a list of words and let y'all hear me say them. Tor-NAY-dough.) We are cleaning out and organizing and I'm hoping that the whole "it looks worse before it looks better" is true because it looks worse right now. I'm holding onto the hope of the better.

We have had a WEEK. And it's only Wednesday. How is that possible? The rest of the week will fly by because we have LOTS going on - a library trip, a visitor, lunch at Eddie's office on Friday, and then we're heading to Tifton that afternoon. But Monday and Tuesday? Have dragged along.

Monday was full of timeouts. I'm not even sure what the deal was.

Will was extra snuggly and didn't want me to read Monday afternoon. (Often when Will wakes up from his nap James and I go in his room and the boys play and I either read or read to them until Eddie gets home.)

Then he decided to ask James to read to him. They're reading Goodnight Gorilla, which is a SUPER easy read and one that James can handle himself.

Yesterday we were having a bad day by 8:30AM. James acted really, really ugly before we'd even gotten up and had already lost television for the whole morning. AND THEN we went to get Will out of bed and James was wrestling with him on the floor and Will bit the you-know-what out of him. Yes, those are individual bruises from Will's teensy little teeth. Can you count how many he has top and bottom??? James was really asking for it - Will was screaming about being held down and I'd already asked him to let Will go twice. Lesson learned the hard way. Will got a timeout and James and I had a conversation about how Will can't talk and the only way he can communicate STOP is by screaming and then by being physical. AND THEN both boys screamed and cried their way through breakfast. Will wanted his + James' breakfast and wasn't thrilled that James wouldn't share. YEA.

The rest of the day got a little better.

After Eddie got home, James got a little wild again. He had to sit in timeout for something and because his sheets were in the washer the only thing on his bed was the plastic mattress protector. He completely RIPPED it to shreds. SO, we'll be headed to WalMart at some point today with James' piggy bank money so that he can buy a new one.

I am not happy with his behavior lately, but I'm also not happy with the way I'm handling him. So I pulled this book out last night. I think it's time to read it. I'm only into the first chapter, but I am THRILLED to say that it is Biblically based. I am ready to be a nice mama again.

Just to top it all off, I went to get Will out of bed this morning and he came walking out of his room like, "Morning, Mom. What's going on? No big deal." HE CLIMBED OUT OF HIS CRIB. Goodness, gracious. I'm not ready for that yet.

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