Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweet Summer Time!

Well, I thought we'd be going to swimming lessons this morning and then to run a few errands around town, but much to James' delight (because this week he HATES swimming), we are stuck home with a throw-up-y baby boo. Two throw ups = two baths before 9AM. I may be in for a lonnnnnng day.

Another full, fun weekend! We've been working on marking off some of our summer goals this weekend. We accomplished three BIG ones!

Friday morning we didn't have swimming lessons so the boys and I bummed around the house all day. James has decided his new favorite thing to do is change clothes one. hundred. thousand. times. a. day. I have a new found respect for my mama. And for mothers of girls everywhere. Mrs. Bobby told me she used to find Eddie's completely clean clothes in his dirty clothes basket, but I shouldn't be punished for that, should I? {Yes, Mama. I know I'm guilty as well.} He also has a new thing for boots. The boots he had nothing to do with when it was COLD. I seriously shouldn't have opened my mouth in a discussion with girl moms the other day when I said the only clothes fight we'd had was over which character needed to be on James' undies. That one bit me for sure.

The boys also played in James' pup tent. They were WILD little hooligans in it.

Friday night we had FAMILY GAME NIGHT. James was pumped. {Unfortunately, Will is not included in Family Game Night. Maybe next summer.}

Saturday Eddie's sister got married at the lake. James was a ring bearer but both Will and Eddie were also involved in the wedding. I think they were pretty handsome boys! Because James had a pillow for the wedding, Will thought he needed one, too.

James and Eddie rang the bell at seven pm. This was a practice run. I missed taking pictures of the real deal.

Aunt Melly and Uncle Bobby were there and Aunt Melly brought Will's finished quilt! I will do a whole separate post on it once I can take some prettier pictures of it (outside when it's not raining and I don't have a sick baby!).

James got a major summer haircut on Sunday. Please pardon the hand placement here. At least he's not flashing the camera. BOYS.

I have actual pictures of the haircut itself (Will could not figure out WHAT they were doing) but they're on Eddie's phone and so far it doesn't want to send them.

Sunday night we also made HOMEMADE ice cream I Eddie got an ice cream maker for Christmas (because when you don't tell your in-laws things that YOU want, they give you things off their daughter's Christmas list) and we pulled it out on Sunday and made ice cream. James chose "banilla" and it was delish! We'll use this a few more times this summer, I hope! We laughed that we're not used to the "film" that homemade, full-FAT ice cream leaves in your mouth. Sure was delicious, though! {Again, Eddie's phone is holding those pictures hostage.}

Monday and Tuesday we had swimming and James screamed like a banshee both times. Lovely.

Tuesday night the boys did water balloons and they were a HUGE hit. James has asked me to do them every day since last summer, I think.

(Yep. His bathing suit is on backwards {not unusual} and that's the tie/string hanging down in back there.)

Please pardon the waist high weeds in our yard and focus on THAT FACE.

Summer harvest! Ha! One strawberry so far. James ate it in one bite last night and then forgot he ate it and asked where it went. Fresh Vegetables {hardy har har} should be coming in soon. We hope!

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Jackie said...

They are so cute in their wedding outfits! Little boys are precious! :)