Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday.

Things I'm loving this week.

1. PB2. Y'all. This is a game changer for me. Eddie and I are peanut butter-aholics. (Yes, we do eat it. No, we try not to eat it around James {and Will}. No, he's not allergic to peanuts, just tree nuts. Yes, we wash our hands and brush our teeth and wipe our faces when we're done. No, he still doesn't eat it. Yes, he's actually had a bite before. Are those all the questions I usually answer?) PB2 is actually made in Tifton and Eddie almost fell over when it came in from AMAZON. (I've looked and they're out of stock on their website right now.) It's POWDERED peanut butter. I guess they take all the oils out? You mix it with water (two parts peanut butter to one part water) or just add a scoop or two to a smoothie. Loving it. 45 calories per 2 tbsp. They have a delicious chocolate flavor that's a little like Nutella (which we definitely CAN'T eat or keep in our house). I love it! Here's the link to their actual website so you can order something directly from good old Tifton, Georgia, or find a store near you that sells it. Again, Amazon has it, too.

2. Michael Crichton. How did I not read anything of his for so long? I'm finally embracing the fact that I'm a big old nerd and I LOVE science fiction! I'm reading Congo right now (which I didn't realize was even one of his books) and really enjoying it. I'll move on to Sphere and Eaters of the Dead next and I have Twister on hold at the library. Ha!

3. Being done with swimming! I'm not going to lie, this was a tough swimming week. James really got comfortable with it last week and then this week it was like I had a completely different child. Whew! We have one more makeup day sometime in the next week or two, but we're done for now.

4. Marking things off our Summer Goals list. We are REALLY doing a great job this month of getting things done. James is in the weird needs a nap/doesn't need a nap phase of life and I'm learning that if I can wear him out in the morning I might get him to nap without as much of a fight. We are really knocking things off our list because of that! It's been fun! This summer has started out great!

5. This recipe for laundry soap. I am seriously gathering up all the stuff to make this. And I cannot wait! Bwahahaha. Who am I?

Hope you all have a fabulous Father's Day weekend! We're headed to Academy at some point to pick out one of Eddie's gifts, to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, James has prepared an original song for Eddie, and he's pretty certain that Daddy will pick Mexican for supper tomorrow night (which is the night James wants to celebrate Father's Day!). We shall see what we get into this weekend!

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Colleen Sullivan said...

Swimming is exhausting! I go in the water with my son for his class (he's 16 months) and so they whole changing and swimming and then showering ordeal is a real juggling act. I was going to sign him up for another session after this but I think we're done. I don't know if I have the energy for another 6 weeks!