Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday were SUPER busy for us. That's just the norm these days. This weekend James had an 11AM t-ball game and then we had a little arts and crafts festival to go to. After a quick stop for naps we headed out with some friends to a hot air balloon festival. It was all fun but HOT and we are paying for it today! Both boys slept until almost 9 this morning, I am sunburned, and poor Eddie is exhausted at work, I'm sure!

James did okay at his game. He wasn't the best behaved so we had a little discussion about how he needs to obey his coaches. We don't mind him acting like a little kid at his games and having fun, but when one of the coaches becomes your personal "get up, James" coach, you'd better do it. Instead, he laid on the field a good portion of the three times he was out there. *BIG sigh* I get it, baseball is boring (my MIL just screamed...), but we have to obey. We've had several discussions on this and there will be treats for good behavior (I'm not above bribing) and consequences for bad behavior this weekend and he's aware of both.

A wee bit distracted when he batted because of the dog in the opponent's dugout.

At least he behaved during the prayer. He's to the right of #6 when his hands folded and no hat on.

Moving right along...

Cacky came to see James' game and she headed with us to the festival for lunch and to walk around. By far, the highlight of the event was this dog jumping thing. It was HYSTERICAL. Both of my boys are dog NUTS so we sat over there for a good 30-45 minutes and watched and then came back to it again later. The dogs and their people would go up onto this stage/platform/dock and the people would get the dogs to sit and stay and then give them a signal to run as they threw a toy. The dogs would take a flying leap off the stage/platform/dock and jump into this pond/pool. The point was to jump the farthest. The farthest I heard was 18 feet but I wasn't paying close attention since I was trying to also watch two busy boys.

Will fell asleep in the stroller for a bit but it became obvious mid-afternoon that James wasn't going to be able to hang and wasn't falling asleep in the stroller. We wound up going home and transferred an asleep James from the car to his bed. Eddie had to get something to finish up all our taxes anyway, so he ran his errand, James napped, I fed Will and he napped again. As soon as James was up and had eaten a snack, he was ready to go again so we sunscreened back up and headed to the hot air balloon festival!

This was probably my least favorite part of the weekend and it was what James and I had looked forward to all week. It was the first year for this and I had high expectations that shouldn't have been so high. I kept thinking I wanted to invite the dinner club folks from Tifton to go and I am so glad that I didn't because it just wasn't together this year. There were a few issues - no re-entry once you left, not enough food vendors, EXPENSIVE food and kids' activities ($10 to play on the inflatables) - but we had fun with the friends we met up and sat with. We snacked on the stash of snacks I'd put in my bag for earlier in the day. Thankfully that held us over. Next time I'll pack a real picnic. The kids all enjoyed running around and playing. It was fun, it just seemed a bit unorganized. I think it was a bigger deal than they realized it was going to be. Oh well!

On Sunday after church and Sunday School we headed straight to Tifton to pick up Scout from "Camp Fresh." She's been hanging out with Chief since before we left to go to Garden City so it was high time we reclaimed her. We had lunch at Mama's since Anna and Lance were in town (have I mentioned they've moved?) and after lunch and some playing we went to Eddie's parents to visit and get Scout. It was a quick trip to Tifton, but we had a fun visit.

We got home and Eddie finished up our taxes (nothing like the last minute, huh?). More busy-ness this week. T-ball practice, school, a picnic for Eddie's office, and several other things scattered in as well!

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berryman said...

OH MY GOSH! I laughed out loud for a solid 30 seconds at the second to last t-ball picture you took...hahahaha. Ellie had her first t-ball game and I had just read Ashley and Worth's blog about it, and that picture was exactly what she described ! What a fun thing to look forward to with Bo!!

Hope all is well!