Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny.

Matching seersucker.


Flowers on the cross.

Sunday lunch dinner at the fabulous Southern-cookin' restaurant across from the church.

Definitely all the secular parts of Easter, but I love those things, too.

I didn't realize until later that I'd put James in Halloween jammies and Will in Christmas jammies. On Easter. Whoops!

I let them look through their baskets and then we hustled to get ready for church!

When we got to church it was CROWDED. We go to the 9AM service so we didn't really expect it to be, but it was! The balcony where we usually sit was full except for folding chairs at the very front. The front row is not necessarily where we wanted James to be sitting. Especially when there was the opportunity to hang over the balcony. Ha! We squeezed in downstairs toward the back. James sat with Eddie the whole time (we probably could have squished more but we just didn't) and I think the change of scenery was good for him because he sat pretty still and quiet. He has learned to sing the Doxology (I need to post a video!) and when we sang that he perked up and LOVED it. So sweet!

After church was over we hustled over to Sunday School (church ran over because three people joined the church and a baby was Christened). James must have done some entertaining because when I picked him up both teachers had decided to take him home with them!

We walked across the street to the restaurant on the corner and enjoyed lunch by ourselves. Will was in RARE form. Little boy is exhausted by lunchtime, but he has also not met many foods he doesn't like and if we're not putting things on his plate quickly enough he alerts us. Loudly.

Back at home I made everyone pose in the backyard for a few pictures. Sure is different with two VERY active kids to hold still.

Later, just for some excitement and fun, we did our taxes (yippee!) and washed approximately 1,000 loads of laundry. Gracious. Such fun.

Hope y'all had a Happy Easter!

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