Sunday, January 27, 2013

More of the Womp, Womps.

I sure do feel like I've been complaining all the time lately. I'm really trying NOT to complain, just record accurately what's going on in this little home of ours.'s more of the "not complaining, just recording" stuff. 

This was supposed to be a FANTASTIC weekend! And it really has's just been different. We went out to dinner on Friday night - James picked Mexican. Shocking! ;) I hated Mexican when I was pregnant with him so it is so funny to me that he loves it so much. After dinner we went to Academy to do some browsing. Eddie needed to shop for a new toy.

On Saturday morning we got up and dressed and went to Macon. Eddie and I both had a few things that we needed to exchange and we just wanted to get out of the house. It was so much fun! I did my returns while the boys napped in the car and then we went to Sticky Fingers for lunch. James and I shared a plate and he said we were on a date. I thoroughly enjoyed my date with him! Sweet little stinker! Will thoroughly enjoyed the cornbread. He ate over half of James' piece! Eddie made his exchanges - new sports coats that needed to be a bit bigger in the shoulders - and then we went to Barnes and Noble for a bit.

Now for the bad stuff...

As we started to head home I noticed that Will had some yuck in his eyes. Again. I debated about whether or not I thought it was actually pinkeye again but it got worse as the day went on it became obvious that it was. I had hoped that James wouldn't get it, too, but alas...this morning he woke up and told me his eyes felt funny and that he had to rub them to get them open. Yea!!!

Eddie and I had a babysitter and a date planned today. I think that's what hurts my feelings the most. :( Booohooo. The consolation is that there weren't really any good movies playing and we had just picked one in order to get out and see SOMETHING. So maybe when we do go there will be something fun on.

I am just SO GLAD that it's pinkeye that's keeping us cooped up and NOT a stomach virus. I can handle these germs. It's way less to clean up! :) (And another friend's mama sent me a message today that reminded me EVERYTHING I need to be Lysoling, Cloroxing, etc. I did most of it last week but I'm going to be even crazier about cleaning this week.) 

I ran to church this morning to sell tickets for our women's conference and froze my fanny off. It was COLD and WINDY. Eddie kept the boys at home so I just went for the time I needed to be there and didn't stay for either service. When I got home Will was ready for a nap and James and Eddie worked on a puzzle. We've eaten lunch and we're hoping the boys will nap good so that we can get some things done around here. May as well work on some projects if we're stuck at home and inside, huh?

Poor James is a little heartbroken because he had his first dentist appointment tomorrow and he's been looking forward to it. Hopefully we'll stay off of their "bad" list for calling at the last minute and we'll be able to get an appointment to come in before six months. I made this appointment in July! Ha!

So we're carrying on. Hopefully we'll get seen again by our pediatrician tomorrow to determine if the problem is still all four ears or if it's JUST pinkeye. I'm betting our ears are still playing a factor in it.

In the meantime we'll try to wash, wash, wash, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, and stay warm!

Happy Sunday!

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