Friday, January 25, 2013

Comfy, Cozy, and COLD

It is COLD here today! Okay, it's really only 55* but it feels colder to me. It's gray outside and just looks and feels yuck. So what a perfect day it was to have a day in jammies!

 We got up, had breakfast, pulled off old jammies and put on clean jammies for a fun day at school! James was thrilled to wear his dinosaur pjs and robe to school today. What fun! I haven't been able to learn much about what they did (they went to music for SURE and didn't play outside), but he seems to have enjoyed Pajama Day!

In other fun news, he also got picked up by Daddy! This always makes his day. Will and I went to lunch with Will's buddy and his mama so Daddy was on pick-up duty today. They had lunch together and James went to Eddie's office for a bit before I picked him up.

Will enjoyed lunch with his buddy. He is just five months old so Will spent a lot of the meal trying to see the baby in his stroller. We had fun chatting and talking about baby things. :)

The boys came home and took nice, long naps at the same time (that's important!) and I enjoyed the peace and quiet and spent some time watching Netflix under a blanket. Like I said, it is COLD!

Stay warm this weekend!

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