Tuesday, January 1, 2013

25 Posts of Christmas: Santa Came!

As soon as the littles were asleep, Santa flew by our house. James gets up often and is stealthy. I think he's part Indian...he will sneak up on you and you'll never hear him coming. I told him over and over on Christmas Eve that if Santa flew by our house and saw that he was awake and out of bed he WOULD NOT STOP. Thankfully, he did abide by the staying-in-bed rule until the middle of the night. But Santa had come and gone by about 12:30.

Santa brought Will a piano, big blocks, and a musical "walker." {Santa bring us three big gifts because that is what the wisemen brought Jesus.}

Santa brought James an Eagle Talon castle and ogre, TOOLS!!!, and some dress-up clothes. The castle has slowly become a hit. It's a little bit old for him but we think he'll love it for several years. 

After we played with our Santa gifts for a bit we had breakfast - Grandmama's cinnamon rolls and I made breakfast casserole - we came back to open gifts from each other. These boys have really been blessed little stinkers this Christmas. Gracious at the toys!

Will got a pirate ship scooter from us. He has LOVED it but his legs are still a little short. James, however, thinks it belongs to him.

I got caught taking pictures of this sweet boy!

I cannot believe I'm posting this picture, but here it is. The only decent family picture that we took. Horrible of Eddie and me. Please note that I have on zero makeup, had gone about four days on VERY interrupted sleep, and had a horrible sinus infection. My whole face felt swollen. 

Early in the afternoon Poppy and Cacky came up to visit for just a bit. The weather was TERRIBLE so Grandmama and Granddaddy didn't join us and Papa and YaYa had been in our neck of the woods on Christmas Eve (although we didn't see them) and we were headed to their house for the weekend so they didn't come by either. It actually worked out because we were all just worn out and still felt pretty yucky.

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