Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve.

One last post for 2012?

We spent the morning at the library's storytime instead of working on Christmas pictures and blogging. James had fun but Wild Will had even more fun. Y'all, he is so stinkin' hilarious. Pretty feisty little guy. James picked out five Peter Rabbit books, per his latest obsession. And then at lunch today he used the word obsessed correctly. I can't even remember what it was about but Eddie and I looked at each other in a "What?!?!" kind of look.

Those boys.

We're closing out a pretty big year for us. 2012 was full of fun and challenges. Holy cow was the year from 2-3 full of drama and emotions. Preschoolers are seriously emotional little creatures, aren't they. James grew, we all learned, and we lived to tell the tale. We're finally starting to get a hold on how to discipline without losing our minds and he has become a super little helper.

We met Will for the first time in 2012. That little stinker totally had us fooled! As an infant he was so relaxed and quiet and go-with-the-flow. Did you notice me call him Wild Will? He has become the busiest, sneakiest, into-everything-all-the-time baby boy! With James it drove me crazy but I am learning that this is just what being a boy is all about.

We made new friends and tried to keep into contact with old ones. We tried new things and went new places. We learned. We laughed. We cried. Mostly, we just tried to survive the day! I sure do enjoy my three guys!

From our crew to yours, Happy New Year!

I'll be back {at some point} with the Santa recap, the Hasty/Smith Christmas weekend, New Year's Eve and Day, and possibly a recap of 2012. Because Eddie loves those. He'd never know what we were doing if not for my blog. {That was definitely sarcastic font.}


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