Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'll Be Sick for Christmas...

I'm sure we've had sick Christmases before, but we definitely had one this year. Last week Will had a little bit of congestion. He was a grump as well and wanted ME to hold him all the time. I chalked it up to just a little side effect of trying to finally cut those top two teeth. However, on Thursday night while Eddie and I were watching television we heard the bark over the monitor. The croup bark.

SO. On Friday morning I called our doctor's office and crossed my fingers that our favorite telephone nurse would say, "Oh, I'll just call something in for him!" No dice. Boooo. We wound up running to the doctor at around 10:30. Thankfully there weren't many others there and no sickies wanted to play in the waiting room. Grosses me out every time.

Will weighed either 22 pounds, 1.5 ounces or 22 pounds, 11.5 ounces. I can't remember. Between 22 and 23 pounds anyway. We couldn't get him to cough while we were there (even though he is quite the copycat cougher these days!), but we've had croup enough to know. The bark and the Darth Vader breathing will tell you every time! After everything, we headed home with a prescription for a steroid.

I was so thankful that I went. It was obvious later Friday evening that little man did NOT feel good. He was pitiful all day Saturday and Sunday and finally began to perk up on Monday. It messed up some plans to see some of my friends and their kids while we were in Tifton for the weekend, but it actually worked out since we were going to be SO busy while we were there.

He still has some congestion and a cough (although most of the coughing is fake...he rode in the car today and had "coughing fits" for about 15 minutes just to hear me say, "Oh my goodness! Are you ok?") but seems to be on the mend. 

He has, however, passed his germs along to me. Anna called me this morning at 9 and thought she'd woken me up because I sounded so hoarse. :) I actually texted two people today who called me just to say they wouldn't be able to hear me on the phone. I'm hoping it's just a little head cold and that it doesn't move into my chest. Wish I could take something for it!!!

Being sick on Christmas is no fun!!!


Lauren said...

Ugh. Sick = no fun. All of us have shared something this week and I think I am going to get baby bro to the doc tomorrow...raise your hand if you think Dr. W should give us a group deal. Between you and I, we are keeping him in practice!! Let's all get well soon!!!

Anna Catherine said...

Well...we've got whatever you've got. I knew Lance didn't feel good yesterday when he skipped the gym and got in bed. I went in to check on him after a bit and found the tv on the E! network on a story about Leeann Rymes. Haha! My throat is all scratchy today so we will be a lively bunch this weekend I'm sure.