Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 Posts of Christmas...Elf Breakfast

Our Elf on the Shelf, George, has been with our family since James was a baby, but he just started reporting back to Santa last year. This is our second annual Elf Breakfast. See pictures from last year HERE. I know everyone does it differently, but George brings us each a new ornament for our tree, I fix a fun breakfast, and we read Elf on the Shelf.

*Ahem* Aren't my boys precious? Don't they look perfect? James is going through a "phase" with picture taking right now. I finally {after four pictures}said, "James! LOOK at my camera!" and he said, "Well, I was just blinking!" And of course the one he's not "blinking" in, Will really is!

We all know that Santa and the elves are busy, busy, busy right now so I helped George out and threw this together for him. ;) Our jammies came from Hether at Ditsy Daisy Boutique on Facebook. We LOVE Mrs. Hether! Placemats and the boys' plates (not pictured in the second picture) are both from Pottery Barn Kids. The gift basket stand is a fun find from Hobby Lobby last year as are the two gift buckets that I put the boys' goodies in. James got the reindeer antlers, a microphone, and a plushie Elf on the Shelf (antlers and microphone were from his gift last year! re-gift! woohoo! Elf on the Shelf plushie was from Target). Will got a plushie and some big boy cups.

Throw in little white donuts, chocolate mini donuts, and Sister Schubert's pigs in a blanket and you've got yourself a fun breakfast with a sugar-high aftermath! {Will enjoyed blueberry puffs.}

This is one of my FAVORITE traditions. Our elf does NOT get into trouble. I sort of feel like if we're telling James that George is watching his behavior then that elf better not be setting a bad example. I have seen the CUTEST ideas this year, though, where elves are suggesting ways to be kind to others. Santa wrote the boys a note about the true meaning of Christmas and how he and Jesus BOTH want the boys to be kind and generous. We do try not to harp on how Santa is watching and expecting him to behave, but we make a big deal about how Jesus wants us to be kind to others.

Lots of fun! If you had an elf breakfast, I would LOVE to see what you did!

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Lynsey said...

We aren't doing it this year but plan to do it next year and our elf will only be on his best behavior. I love idea of him bringing an ornament! I love ornaments!