Saturday, October 20, 2012


Dear Precious Boy,

I can hardly believe that THREE years have passed since you came into our lives. Three. It seems so grown-up to me. 

I can remember so vividly the night that Daddy and I went to the hospital to meet you. Your birth day was so much fun. How many people can say that about a delivery? There were lots of people there that were excited to meet you and since that very first day you have been lighting up our lives with your fiery personality.

You have reminded me a lot lately that you are no longer a baby. I keep asking you to please stop growing up but you are insistent upon it. Big boy things and big boy plans are all you talk about some days.

You are a whiz. We simply are astounded by your knowledge and your memory. I know most mothers think their babies are brilliant, but you have something special for sure. I almost fell over the other day when you asked about a balloon that Daddy popped in March this year. That was seven months ago! How do you remember?

You are also the funniest thing ever. You get in trouble often for doing things that you should and your response is that you were "...just trying to make {us} laugh!" Stinker. I am awaiting the parent-teacher conferences on this very subject. Smart + clown = trouble. ;)

Your third year was our toughest yet. You are independent and as stubborn as a mule. You want to do everything yourself and remind us often that you are no longer too little to do things. You drive us crazy with your independence, busy-ness, and need to figure things out. We all did a lot of learning this year.

We have been so, so, SO proud of the way that you stepped into the big brother role this year. Honestly, you couldn't have adapted any better. You have been thrilled to have Will in our lives and you thank me all the time for having him for you. He is your baby. I pray that your relationship with him will continue to be this smooth. I also pray that I'll be able to live through all of the wrestling that already takes place. You're giving mama gray hair as you toughen Will's skin. :)

We love you to the moon and nothing you ever do could change that.

Happy Birthday, sweet thing.



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Casey said...

this is so sweet! i'm totally feeling you. 3 has been hard on this mama's heart. he seems drastically older almost every single day (and harder to wrangle too). happy birthday, james!