Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Friday?!?

Seriously. How in the world is it already Friday? We've had a busy Fall Break! Although, I have to admit that as a parent of a kid who only goes to school 6 hours a week, Fall Break is a little lost on me. I asked a friend the other day (whose kids are 4th grade and 1st grade), "What are y'all going to do all week?" and she said, "I'm so excited about it!" My thought is, "I have to run all my errands with both kids this week?" *Sigh* Does that make me a bad mom?

Anyway, busy it was! We spent some time playing outside in the cooler weather. James and Scout spent some time playing outside, too. She's hilarious when he's outside by himself because she just sort of frolics along behind him. These were all taken through the blinds in my kitchen...

And then we all played outside together.

A friend has been calling and asking about potty-training so I need to just work on a whole post about how we finally "did" it. I have to say that one of the best and most challenging parts of potty training a boy is this:

They can tee-tee anywhere, but then they tee-tee everywhere. *Sigh again.* Including, but not limited to, the backyard, the sideyard, the tub, the shower, the side of the road, and between two buildings at the fair.

Sidenote/funny story. Last Sunday at the fair James tee-teed in the parking lot before we went in BUT he had on a pull-up just in case. As we were walking around he announced that he needed to potty. I, being the mother who is scared of public restrooms, quietly reminded him that he was wearing a pull-up. YES, I know that's horrible. Don't tell me. He insisted that he needed to go so Granddaddy helped him go between the sheds/buildings that a family was selling. (We bought one from them so I don't feel so awful.) He tee-teed again in the parking lot when we left and his pull-up was dry. What? That hasn't happened before. So last night we went back to the fair and he drank an ENTIRE bottle of lemonade by himself. When we got to those same buildings he was pitched a fit to potty. I thought it was just the novelty of going but he wouldn't stop dancing around so we squeezed between the buildings and he tee-teed and tee-teed and tee-teed. His pull-up was dry after three hours at the fair and a whole bottle of lemonade. What??? I think our training days are pretty well wrapped up!

Will has learned a hilarious new trick:


On Wednesday afternoon, Cacky came up so that I could get some errands run, namely a driver's license renewal. I wasn't able to go on Wednesday because I was without a second proof of residence (Eddie added me to a bill Wednesday afternoon), but I did go on Thursday morning. If you're a Georgia resident, look into it before you renew. There are a TON of forms you have to take in so be prepared. Fortunately, I DID have everything I needed and they approved me to renew. It only took about 20 minutes (hallelujah!) and I'll be good for 8 more years. Yeehaw!

Thursday evening we left Will with Cacky and took the big boy back to "wide the wides" at the fair. He was NOT thrilled to learn that their are height charts and he doesn't pass the height of anything but the baby rides. Fortunately, we went with some sweeties who rode the little ones with him. It was armband night and we didn't want to spend $50 riding kiddie rides so Eddie and James got armbands and I watched.

This kiddie rollercoaster was worth the $32 to ride rides. Oh my goodness. I wish I had gotten a good picture of his face. He GRINNED the whole time and held his hands up in the air. I think I might have a roller coaster buddy when he gets bigger. Disney will be fun if he'll ride! Woohoo!

I did buy tickets to ride the ferris wheel with Lauren. She was dying to ride and no one else wanted to go with her. She LOVED it and I think it was her favorite of the night. I just prayed the thing wouldn't tip over the whole time we were up there. Whew! It was HIGH.

The boys waiting on us below:

As we were waiting on a funnel cake the LIGHTS went out in part of the fair. Uh oh!

We told our friends goodnight (late! they had school today!) and headed over for Daddy to purchase a shed for the backyard. Hallelujah. He's having it built in Montezuma and delivered to our yard near the end of the month. He is thrilled!

After that, we went back to the sea lions to catch the end of their show. I sure wish we'd watched the whole thing. It was so cute! I think we'll have to remember that for next year.

We got home at 9:30 to tell Cacky goodbye. James had a shower and got into Halloween jammies and I whispered to Eddie I couldn't believe how chipper he was:

And then Daddy moved Diego, James' prize from the fair, and this happened:

Holy meltdown, Batman! He THREW his bowl of Cheerios onto the floor and screamed. Yep. Time for bed. Whew. (Yes, he did have to pick them all up. Yes, Diego was taken away.)

Today we've played playdough and read and the boys are napping now.


I'll share that fun playdough recipe soon. It smells like pumpkin pie! Mmm!

Aunt Melly and Uncle Bobby sent James a birthday gift yesterday. Cookie cutters and this cute Halloween bag! I am not 100% sure, but I'm willing to bet Aunt Melly made it.

We added the cookie cutters to our collection. She'll be thrilled to know that I think I've finally mastered cookie making and maybe icing. I'll share that soon, too!

Fun weekend ahead! Y'all enjoy!

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