Monday, October 8, 2012

Grandparents, Fun Run, and the Fair!

On Friday night we met Eddie's parents for dinner and sent James off with them for the weekend. This was a big weekend for him. Jog for Jake was in Tifton this weekend and it's the second year that he's "run" in this race. Apparently it's going to be an annual tradition for Grandmama and him. (For those who aren't local, Jog for Jake is an annual race that benefits Toys for Tots. Jake Stewart {a friend and classmate of my brother} collected toys every year. He passed away in a car wreck several years ago so they've done this in his memory each year.)

Coming back into town...the fair is here!!!

This sweet angel had on the most precious outfit from the Bargeron boys on Friday so I had to take a picture. It has a firetruck and a dalmatian. LOVE it.

Saturday was busy but I feel like I didn't get much accomplished. Eddie got new tires for his truck, we dropped off clothes that were left over from our yardsale for a boy scout troop that is collecting them, we went to Target, and I practiced making cupcakes for James' party. Oh, and there were some football games on that we're not going to discuss. It may just be gossip, but I've heard two things since UGA's loss on Saturday night. One was that "fans" egged and toilet paper-ed Aaron Murray's house after the game and the other is that he'd been told before the game that his dad has cancer. If EITHER of those things are true, how horrible. Shame on those people!

This boy is starting to pull up. Nooo! The picture where he's standing, I put him that way but he held on for a long time! He's pulling up to his knees already. I know I said it with James and was wrong, but I think he may be an early walker. I think Eddie was walking by 9 months. That's just over a month so I don't think it'll be that soon, but too soon for my liking regardless!

He is also a little monkey that climbs all over the place. If he wants a phone? He throws himself wherever to get it. The remote control is out of his reach? No worries, he'll climb across the couch to retrieve it! Magazine pages that need tearing? He'll handle that, too! Action shots...

Church on Sunday morning...

After church we met James, Grandmama, Granddaddy, and Kelly at the fair! Yippee!

Reunited! And showing Will and me his "medal" from finishing Jog for Jake.

Just to hurt your feelings, here are pictures of James' first two years at the fair at almost one and almost two:

His very first fair I was waddling around with him in my belly. We went three days before I had him. It was about 50* and early enough that NO ONE was there. It was perfect. I waddled to the end and back, had a funnel cake, and went home! Ha!

First chickens!

Next, Sheep, Swine, and Goat building. No pigs, just goats and sheep this year. Apparently James' favorite animal is the sheep but he was most excited to see cows. 

Will wore a "what the heck?!?" expression the majority of our time at the fair.

As we walked into the cow barn James squeezed my hand and said, "I don't want those cows to eat me!!!" I tried to put him next to a cow (but not too close) to take his picture but he got too nervous. One of the girls who was showing the cows just scooped him up and let him pet her! I think he was WAY overwhelmed and nervous, but how fun!

Grandmama made James' day when she got him a picture with the sea lions! He LOVED it and kept asking to look at the picture again. (Again, he was a little overwhelmed and nervous about it, but in hindsight he thought it was awesome!)

Exotic animals petting zoo:

Doesn't Will look like he's saying, "Don't put me down, don't put me down, don't put me down...!"

We tried to watch the Axe Women. We didn't get very close but James thought the log rolling was hysterical. They were trying to throw each other off into the water and he just laughed and laughed.

We walked past a stage with a LOUD band and he was busting a move while we were walking but no one saw him. I tried to get him to dance again when we stopped but he wasn't into it. He did do "The Anna," though. Hahahaha! ;)

Numerous tears were shed when it was time to leave because he "...wanted to wide the wides! The thing that goes awound and awound!" Don't be concerned, Eddie and I have a date with him all by ourselves at some point this week so that he can "wide a few wides." Stinker.

Last night when we got home he was a MONSTER. Tired, overly indulged all weekend, and just plain rotten. Thankfully, he's been sweet as pie {mostly} today.

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