Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Bike.

A few weeks ago at our yardsale, we bought a bike trailer for the boys from the Trains. Only problem? I don't have a bike! Ha! 

I'd been thinking about getting bikes for myself and Eddie for Christmas so we went ahead and snatched up the trailer before it sold. We looked and looked for bikes but I honestly just didn't know what I wanted. Did I want a cruiser? A hybrid? A mountain bike? There are too many choices! 

Luckily, Anna saved the day! I think Dad bought this bike for her about 15 years ago. Ha! Maybe not that long ago, but it's been around for a while. I got it from his house after Eddie and I got married and I was pregnant with James. Eddie was running and I rode alongside him. After James was born the bike just sat so Anna took it to her house and she and Lance rode for a bit. 

A few weeks ago when I was in Tifton I borrowed it back just to be sure a mountain bike is what I want. So last night we cleaned it up, pumped up the tires, and attached the trailer!

James said, "Stand back everybody! I needa fix somefin' wif dis strewdriver!"

After it was ready, James and Eddie took it for a short ride.

So today was the day! After we all got up I put the boys in the back and off we went!

The first mile was okay. I was huffing and puffing a bit and my thighs were burning, but it wasn't terrible. I got a little overambitious and thought I could swing around to the back of our neighborhood. The front is pretty flat, but the back has big hills. We went DOWN the big hills (I'm not that dumb) but then even the little hills were horrible. I stopped to "check on the boys" and James asked my why we weren't going anymore. Please note the blanket in the picture below. (This picture was taken on another break.) I was worried that they'd be cool since it was low-60s outside and I'd be going fast. Bwahahaha. What a joke.

We made it home. I'm totally disappointed that we didn't go all that far. I was dying, though. The crazy lady in the picture above forgot to eat breakfast (not unusual - I just hate to eat right away and then often forget) and it hurt me. I felt YUCK when we finally got home. We'll try again but I may stick to the flat side of the neighborhood for a bit. This is quite different from riding my bike all around town as a kid! I wasn't pulling 55+ pounds back then!


Unknown said...

I have wanted a bike forever!! We live on a very long gravel driveway. If we lived in a neighboorhood I would totally do that!

Lauren said...

AH! I love it!!!! Did the boys like it!? ...I am actually pretty jealous and wont be showing CT3. He may try to steal it back! ;) BTW, I cant believe how big Will looks. Didnt you just birth that kid!?

Anna Catherine said...

Ok, the picture of Will in the buggy looks a little like grandmother and Julian...a little. Especially his hair for some reason.