Monday, September 24, 2012

Scarf Swap!

I'm linking up today with Meredith Tichenor for her annual scarf swap! Yea! Meredith is a fellow boy mom and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life among the men in her household for almost a year now. Her youngest, Miles, is exactly a week older than Will and I've so enjoyed that!

This is my first time participating in Meredith's scarf swap. I was paired up with Darci, who happens to be another Texan and one of Meredith's real-life friends! Darci has the cutest blog and a precious little boy, Jackson. I'd never been to Darci's blog before but once I began reading I realized she loves PINK and ORANGE! :) We emailed each other as well to give a little background about ourselves. She is just the cutest thing!

{Both scarves are from Loft.}

I sent Darci this pink and khaki scarf. I almost ordered myself one I liked it so much!

James picked out a Halloween treat for Darci's son, Jackson.

Then we got this cute pink box in the mail!

Leopard! I love it! Silly boy...

She also sent a great fall candle and a notepad in pretty fall colors!

With the cooler weather we're having today, I am set! Bring on the fall!

Thanks, Darci!


Colleen said...

That's so funny. I just posted about mine and I think we have the same one. It looks very similar : )

cute little boys!

[darci @ the good life] said...

You are so sweet!!! I'm glad we were paired up for the swap! I LOVE, love, love my scarf and the Halloween flip books have come in handy more than once this weekend (Jackson is teething and super needy / needs lots of distractions!).

And, ummmmmm....I need to get to blogging about our scarf swap! Totally forgot today was the day!

Thank you again!!!!

the tichenor family said...

Thank you so much for participating this year! Love the scarves you swapped! I knew you and Darci would make great partners... LOVE your scarves. I want them both! :)

Sarah Ring said...

Oh my I love both of these scarves! I found your blog bc I swapped too. So fun!