Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun at the Beach!

We headed to Palm Coast (just south of St. Augustine, Florida) last Friday after James got out of school. Eddie took off half a day on Friday, had Monday off, and took Tuesday off to extend our trip a bit more. We spent Friday-Monday at the condo back and forth between the pool and the beach. The boys and I did not get in the car once we got there. Very nice! We spent our vacation with Poppy and Cacky, Anna and Memo (Lance), and John and his girlfriend, Kayla.

James got a CUTE new t-shirt in the mail on Thursday before we left. He got to wear it to school on Friday in preparation for Georgia's first game! {Got this one from Hether at DitsyDaisyBoutique on Facebook. She's in Cumming, for those of you in Georgia and she is SO sweet and easy to work with. I will definitely be ordering a lot from her in the future! We got our 4th of July shirt from her and our Christmas jammies from her as well!}

And we're off! Max & Ruby coma on the way down. That boy LOVES Max & Ruby!

We saw this rainbow on our way down and actually saw the end of it! I've NEVER seen that before. It was crazy! We just drove right past it! No gold, though. Eddie said that's why those leprechauns are always so grumpy!

Sweet stinker got sunscreen in his eyes. Pitiful baby!

And he learned to sit up from a lying down position on Saturday! That was a first!

A hilarious, not-so-funny thing happened Saturday night. John, Kayla, Anna, and Lance were sitting in the den and James walked in carrying John's box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I'm not exactly sure what happened but it looked like James shook the box once and all but a handful flew out EVERYWHERE. Those people we were with weren't the best disciplinarians. They all busted out laughing. James had to sit in time out (because he'd already been asked to put the cereal back in the kitchen) until everyone could compose themselves!

Poor Will was a teething machine the entire time we were there. I didn't get much sleep. James was SO worried about his crying brother.

Will enjoyed the pool once he figured out how to splash! That was fun!

And we encountered some wild life while we were there.

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