Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinterest Projects...

This fun thing got lost in the shuffle of everyday life. I've done a LOT of Pinterest recipes lately, though, so I thought I'd share them. (I didn't finish any books last month. I am in the middle of a few but I'll just save those for the end of June.)

I cannot figure out how to space between the pictures so I'll just give you a recap here.

1. The crockpot lasagna was FANTASTIC and easy, peasy! I used no-cook lasagna noodles.

2. The Parmesan zucchini was NOT good to us. I've had much better zucchini cooked other ways.

3. The burgers were a bust. I thought they'd be really moist and they turned out very dry and actually fell apart. :( I'm still on a search for the world's best burger!

4. I really, really don't like this curling iron. If Eddie hadn't thrown away the box I'd take it back. If you'd like to have it I'll be glad to pass it along. Maybe it just needs longer hair. I don't know.

5. The chicken tacos were DELICIOUS. I'll be doing those again!

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

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