Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picture Dump...

Today and yesterday I've had my cellphone out taking lots of pictures. Thought I'd share them today!

Watching James at swimming lessons yesterday.

Cacky came for one last squeeze before her travels.

James wanted her to take a picture of him playing with his puzzle and text it to Poppy.

Who wants to break the news to James that he's not supposed to be sleeping with this crew anymore?

James has started dressing Will up in various costumes. He'll yell, "MAMA! COME WOOK!" I never know what to expect. Earlier this week Will was wearing James' Tucker the Turtle breathing machine mask. Awesome.

We made SNAKE BUBBLES earlier. I pinned it on Pinterest and today was the perfect day to try it. 1 part water to 2 parts liquid soap. Cut the bottom off of a bottle and wrap and old washcloth around the bottom with a rubber band. Blow...

(Word of caution - use something you know your kid isn't allergic to. Next time we'll use Mr. Bubbles without dye and fragrance...see below.)

We also had fun with some water balloons today!

And then this appeared where the bubbles had been on James earlier. I don't think it's a medicine reaction. Hopefully just the bubbles. He is definitely my child.

We wore somebody out today...

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