Monday, June 18, 2012


Waiting (in the rain) for James to finish swimming lessons.

He is working so hard on rolling just hasn't happened yet. Soon, though!

In the past week we've logged almost 8 miles of naps like this. :)

Playdoh. Mark it off the list!

Will was helping me clean.

And Big Brother could not be left out. :)

If you've been to my house in the past month, I apologize for the mess. I have been going through all of our closets and cabinets to throw away, give away, and CLEAN OUT. And I've been making a mess. My dining room looks like Goodwill right now. There are several HUGE boxes of things to give away. I guess I could try to do a garage sale but that just sounds like a lot of work. We have enough to do one, though. I've been texting pictures like the one above to Eddie when I complete a project.

Friday after lunch I brought the boys home for naps. I fed Will around 1:30 and sat him here while I put James down for a nap. When I came back he was OUT. He slept like this until I woke him up at 5pm. I also had to wake James up at 5. CRAZY. (PS - The chair is deeper than it looks and it's at an incline. For someone who has yet to roll over, he wouldn't be able to do it if he tried. And I was in the room with him.)

Got a postcard from Italy on Saturday. :)

Will and Scout bonded last night. She does NOT like other children. I'm so thankful that she at least loves ours.

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