Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest Projects...

(Image above from Red Stamp)

I am SO guilty of spending lots and lots (and lots and lots) of time browsing and pinning on Pinterest without much follow-through. I mentioned to my mom and sister a few weeks back that I think that Pinterest Parties (where everyone brings the things they need to complete a few of the things they've pinned) would be WONDERFUL. Girl time AND taking care of a few fun things? Sign me up! In the meantime, and because you can't do EVERY Pinterest project in a few hours at a friend's house, I'm going to start doing a few fun things each week that I've pinned.

This week with James, I found a fun activity that involved two things I already had - pipe cleaners and a strainer. I handed both to him and showed him how to thread the pipe cleaners through the strainer. SO FUN. And easy peasy. And cheap! However, he wasn't all that interested in it. He played with it for a few minutes and whined when I tried to clean it up, but it's not his favorite thing. He enjoyed painting this week a LOT more. :)

 Here's the original pin:

I kept seeing these CUTE monograms on front doors being pinned. I HATE having a wreath on my front door. I love wreaths, but I lost my favorite wreath last year to a bird and her babies so I'm just hesitant to put another one out for long. (There are plenty of trees and bushes in my yard where birds are welcome.) I looked around on Etsy and found several different sellers of wooden monograms but the cheapest one I found was through a guy named Sean who is in Arkansas. Lo and behold, he was the same man that I ordered James' wooden letters from and Will's wooden letters from. Knowing that my success rate with him thus far was excellent, I decided to try him again. I LOVE how it turned out. It was very quick turnaround. You can find his website HERE or his Etsy site HERE.

Here's the one I purchased (pre-paint) on my door. It's a little bigger than I envisioned it. This may wind up above my bed instead. :/ What do y'all think? (It is, however, the same size as my large wreaths!) I plan on hanging it with a burlap bow and use some stickies to level it and keep it from banging the door.

By the time I decided to do Pinterest Projects, my menu was set for the week with recipes I've made before and a few things from cookbooks in my kitchen. BUT one of my nights fell through. I needed something quick and easy so I decided to make Pizza Monkey Bread that I'd pinned. I decided to use the pre-made refrigerated dough from Publix's bakery. Some of you have already caught the error that I made that I didn't realize until I was leaving the store - Publix's bakery uses tree nuts (not in their dough, just in their kitchen). I hemmed and hawed over whether to let him have it or not, but then decided to do TWO recipes from Pinterest instead. James' is made with crescent rolls and we ate the Monkey Bread Pizza. Too bad, but I had to make something that James wouldn't KNOW was different.

I didn't eat the crescent roll pizzas, so I can't speak for them, but the Monkey Bread Pizza was SO GOOD. Next time, I'll just make my own dough!

And finally, I'm always looking for new fun ways to organize and clean...because the process of organizing and cleaning is horrible to me. :) So this week I cleaned our shower using dryer sheets like I'd seen HERE. This was a BIG, FAT fail. It didn't do a thing. I gave up pretty quickly. Sticking to my trust Bar Keeper's Friend and my Magic Eraser in our shower.

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Amy said...

good to know about the dryer sheets...i was JUST about to try that!

love your monogram!! i have one and i go back and forth between putting it on our door and over our bed.

and we tried the whole pipe cleaner strainer thing and libbi was completely unimpressed - ha! it lasted all of 2 minutes. :/

Lauren said...

I think the monogram looks great! Pizza too and maybe I will try it in a few months :) I have a friend in Atl who hosts a pinterest party once a month. Those that come vote on which project they do next, they switch houses, all chip in a few bucks and make a fun little thing! Maybe we should start one here!...actually my church may do one as a fundraiser for a missionary we are about to send! If we do, I'll invite ya!

Bechtel Family said...

Love the monogram on the door! What color did you paint it? Also, I missed the big canvas picture deal. If you see another one will you let me know? I just completely forgot to do it! Ha! Thanks!

Bechtel Family said...

What size are your letters?

Jennifer said...

I love your monogram!! I may have to order one for our front door... I also love Pinterest! So addicting...

The Morrows said...

LOVE the monogram!
I am going to look into one.

I also have been wanting to try the colander thing- not sure my kids would last a full minute but it is worth a shot!