Monday, May 7, 2012

Books, Sweet Visits, and the Lake

We had the most fun weekend! I wish every weekend was like this past one, but if they were we'd never get anything accomplished. :)

Friday evening the boys and I picked Eddie up from work and headed to our town's annual Old Book Sale. We've been three years in a row and it's never disappointed. I always come away with a number of goodies and this year was no exception:

I've read Bridget Jones before but saw it and thought it'd be a fun summer re-read. I've never read any of the others but they'll all be in my summer stack. I'm assuming I'll have lots of reading time, huh? ;)

The boys were {generally} well-behaved. James lost interest about five minutes in but the iPhone kept him distracted for the most part. I wondered to myself what we did before iPhones but then I realized that back in the dark ages children actually HAD TO BEHAVE. I think we need a technology intervention at my house. *sigh*

Saturday morning we got up and showered and dressed and packed and headed to meet YaYa for lunch. James had big plans on Saturday and Sunday with YaYa and Papa. We had our Cinco de Mayo meal at lunch and it was delish. After we waved goodbye to James, Eddie, Will and I headed to run a few errands.

After our errand-running we stopped by my aunt's house to visit with Aunt Susie, Uncle George, and my cousins, Diane and Susana. Oh, I love to visit with them! It has been so much fun to live closer to them now than I ever have. We are able to get together with them for more than just our Christmas gatherings and I love it. Susana is a great babysitter and when we need one (which isn't often with three sets of grandparents), she's the one we usually call!

A Sam's trip was scheduled after our family visit. Eddie and I honestly love to browse around Sam's. We haven't taken James since he's been big enough to actually know where we are, but the two of us have always loved to go and look. Isn't that the strangest thing? Eddie's favorite thing is when they have all of the samples out but there weren't any to be had on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night we almost decided not to go out and do anything and then we realized that would be crazy because we could have a meal without saying, "Sit down. Stop touching that. Please don't throw your crayons. I don't know what that is. I'm not sure why that lady is wearing that. Please use your fork. Etc. Etc. Etc." So we went and had dinner at Mellow Mushroom and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Sunday morning we skipped church and headed to join Papa, YaYa, and James in the fun they were having. We were Lake Oconee bound! We had a great day being lazy inside and riding the boat. Although, if it's this darn hot at the beginning of May I'm scared for July and August. If we weren't cruising pretty swiftly in the boat it was scorching!

Does anyone else wind up with these kinds of pictures? I deleted 54 of them Sunday afternoon.

We did a LOT of this.

And a little standing in the corner for timeout. :) He wouldn't mind YaYa.

 We made it home last night a little before 8pm and we had the whiniest preschooler with us. Whew! He was exhausted (even though he slept the hour-and-a-half home) and just wanted his mama (which is a RARE occurrence in these parts!). We got fed, bathed, and in the bed a little after 10. Whew! (For the record, he was up by 7...and he's been a GROUCH today because he's still exhausted!)

6 minutes into our car ride home.

Apparently, the lake wore Will out, too. He slept from 6:40 when we left the lake until 11:30 when I woke him up to change and feed him. THEN he went right back to sleep and slept until 8:30 this morning. Whoa.

What a fun weekend! I like those kind! We're back to the norm this week even though it's not quite as busy as they have been recently. Hope y'all had great weekends, too!

Anna and Cacky visited for a bit today. That was fun!

And then, James read to me:

Happy week, y'all!


Unknown said...

We need a technology intervention at my house to!!

The Morrows said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
I used diced chicken. Shredded would be good too.
I found a good deal on shrimp too and did that dish with shrimp and it was great!
Let me know how you like it!

The Morrows said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
I used diced chicken. Shredded would be good too.
I found a good deal on shrimp too and did that dish with shrimp and it was great!
Let me know how you like it!