Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Update...

We have had the laziest possible weekend. As I type this (late Sunday afternoon) I've not had a bit of makeup on since Thursday and I haven't even taken a shower today. Yikes. Pajamas and yoga pants have reigned supreme this weekend for me!

On Friday, we had our last day with Cacky spending the night. She and James built a fort.

On Friday night we went to Longhorn to pick up dinner and have a den picnic at home. James was ten days old on my 26th birthday and we had Longhorn. I LOVE blue cheese and they have a blue cheese crusted filet that I lay off of when I'm pregnant (there's a risk of food borne illness from some soft cheeses...although I've been told that as long as it's pastureized it's okay...I still wait). On my birthday when James was ten days old we had that for dinner. Friday night, Will was eleven days old. I thought that was funny. We're sort of predictable, huh?

Saturday I was lazy inside with the two little boys. Will and I slept late (do I finally have a sleeper?!?!). Eddie headed out into the yard mid-morning to get a little work done. James napped on the sofa (praise the Lord!) and Will and I napped and watched television in the recliner. So nice! The afternoon was spent watching television (Bambi) and playing Hi Ho Cherrio!

Poppy came by for a visit as well.

The big boys were able to go to church Sunday morning. I'm sure they both enjoyed the break from the house. Anna stopped by while they were gone and stayed to play and have lunch with us.

We're learning more about Will's personality every day. He is very calm unless he's hungry, wet, naked (ha!)...but when he's mad, he is MAD. Little boy can SCREAM. I've also learned that he is a tummy sleeper! I'm only putting him on his stomach during the day when I can watch him, but he sleeps like a rock on that tummy. He is so, so strong. His legs still prefer to be up in the fetal position and they are hard to pull down when changing his diaper and clothes. He's also holding his head up without much wobbling (at 12 days!) AND he rolled from tummy to back Saturday night. Surely that's crazy, right? He would love nothing more than to be able to sit up and look around as well. I want him to be a little lazier hitting the milestones, please! :)

Last night we gave him his first "real" bath. He's been wiped down every day, but we had to wait for his cord to fall of before we could actually bathe him. James was THRILLED to help. Will did NOT like it and froze his little fanny off (in the closed up bathroom with a heater on!), but he smelled delicious when we were done!

The weekend was nice, but it sure was lazy. I've only left the house for a few minutes in the past two weeks and I believe I'm going to try to remedy that this week. We're back to school two days, I have a few errands to run, I have plans to cook supper a few nights this week, and it's time for preschool registration for next year! We won't be busy every second, but I'm hoping to get myself out of my lazy clothes at least a few times! :)

Hopefully I'll start to get back in the swing of things on this blog. I'm horrible about documenting things otherwise, so this is where I need to write down when we do things and post pictures so I don't forget this life that's flying by! My goal is to do three days a week for a while...we'll see how that goes!

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