Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Stopping in quickly this morning for a picture-free post!

Yesterday was my first FULL day with both boys home without help from anyone. It was WONDERFUL. I can't believe that it was, but it was. James was (mostly) well-behaved and helpful (PRAISE THE LORD!), Will napped the day away, and I was able to get lots done around the house. Not as much as normal, but a lot for our first day alone! When I talked to Lauren at 5pm she laughed when I told her I'd had a shower and dried my hair...but was still sitting in a robe and had on no makeup. I'll have to work up to that, huh? I did admit to my Mama earlier that we watched a LOT of television...like, it was on the whole time James was awake yesterday. I feel bad about that, but it was rainy outside so we didn't have the option of running in the backyard. I've been told that the first trimester and the first few weeks with a newborn, the television is definitely used more than it should be. So far, we're falling into that trap. I have a few fun plans for this afternoon after his nap and for tomorrow, though...so maybe it won't be all television all the time! (He HAS enjoyed a few movies recently...Bambi and The Lion King...this is quite the accomplishment. I want him to watch movies with me so badly and he seems to have taken after Eddie in that area. He's not a fan. Boo! I want to take him to the movie theater soon but he's just not ready.)

Today I sent James with Eddie to work at 7:45. James was THRILLED to be able to "wide in Daddy's tuck!" (ride in Daddy's truck). I had to be in line to register James for preschool this morning and the time for registration coincided with the time James goes to the other school. We're moving him to a school that's closer to our house and that has real curriculum. It's a PRESCHOOL rather than just a Mother's Morning Out. I am SO excited that I got him in. The days we wanted were full before they opened it to the public, but he is in for two days a week next fall! Hallelujah!

After preschool registration, Will and I set off for Target. I realized on the way there that not only is the the first time I've left the house to go somewhere other than the hospital or the doctor's office, but it's the first time I've DRIVEN since before I had Will. Can you say homebody? :) I didn't have the itch to get out until I actually got out! We wandered all around Target and then made a trip through Starbucks on our way home!

In addition to our errands, I have supper in the crockpot, a napping baby in the swing, and I have showered, dressed, AND put on makeup this morning! I'm headed out to have a lunch date with Eddie in a few minutes before heading to pick up James.

A FANTASTIC morning! I feel alive again! Ha!

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Lauren said...

honey child. you get more done with a toddler and a newborn than i get done in a week...