Thursday, January 26, 2012

James Says the Darnedest Things!

I haven't done one of these in a while and because James' vocabulary is currently BOOMING, I thought I might need to spend a week or so thinking about some of his funny sayings lately!

* If you mention the time he says, "It pive (five) porty (forty?)," or "It pive pirty (thirty)."

* After school the other day I brought him in from the car (asleep) and put him in his bed. If you transfer him like that he does what I refer to as the alligator death roll. He'll flip himself over as soon as he realizes he's been put down and then scream and cry that he doesn't "needa" nap. The other day he did the death roll and I said, "No, baby. It's naptime. Please lay down." And he said, "Mommy, I needa new diapa." So I changed his wet diaper and then asked him to climb up on his pillow. Then he said, "No, Mommy. I need pants on." I'd just left his jeans off but for whatever reason they were a naptime necessity!

* This happened the other day:

and I got SO tickled about it. I came in and he told me he needed some "toffee." We gave him just the teeniest bit of milk in that cup for supper and he sipped it very carefully (only a few spills) and "ahhh"-ed after each sip. Ha! Silly!

* He told me one night this week that his food was hot. "Wook at da steam, Mama! It hot!"
* I asked James to hold my hand in the car the other day and he said, "No, hode (hold) Daddy hand." So I held Daddy's hand. Eddie's thumb was over mine and I could see the wheels turning in James' head. When we got out of the car he held my hand - and made sure his thumb was on top! Ha!

* He can count to TWENTY! I had no idea he'd learned this. He still struggles with 14, 15, 16, and 17, but he almost has it!

* Have I mentioned his "GLORY!" and "HALLELUJAH!" before? There's a sweet man from our church in Tifton (who some of you may or may not recognize *wink*) who, after the choir sings on Sundays, will shout "GLORY!" or "HALLELUJAH!" We LOVE when he does this and Anna and I used to get so tickled in church about it. James heard me say it one day and now he'll say it on command or whenever the mood strikes. It is hilarious to hear (from another room) "GLORY!" I'll try to video it soon.

* "Be careful, Mommy!"

* The other day when I was sick James had a little accident in his big boy underwear (more than one tee-tee accident) and we decided he needed a bath. Mom asked if I'd hand her a washcloth so I threw it and it landed on James' he. He shouted, "Mooooooom! No prowing!"

* "Mooooooom!" is big right now in our house. Not Mama or Mommy. Mooooooooom.

* Eddie teasing told James that we're naming Baby Brother "Little James" and that we'll start calling him "Big James." Sometimes it's accepted, sometimes it doesn't go over very well.

* He pronounces his name "Dames Presh."

* He heard Mrs. Krissy from church talking to me about a friend one day and asked "Way-uh May-wee Tarles?" (Where is Mary Charles?) Krissy looked at me and laughed that she didn't speak the "code."

* Eddie picked James up from school recently and he was asleep when Eddie brought him inside. He woke up but was GRUMPY. I asked him if he had a good day at school and he said "No." Several other questions came up and he was just a grump. Finally, I said, "James. You didn't have a bad day, you had a GOOD day at school!" and he banged his hands down on the table and, with LOTS of frustration, said, "NO MAMA! A BAD DAY!" Ha! Just wait, little buddy!

* When we say the blessing, pray at night, or pray on the way to school he always makes sure to say, "Mind Mommy Daddy." We've been working with him on listening and minding so he's been diligent about asking God for help in that area. ;)

* A neighbor's roof is being worked on and when James saw a worker on the roof he was shocked! I think it worried him a little but now he wants to "Go wook at da woof," all the time.

* James is well aware that Baby Brother is in my tummy. He felt him move the other day and thought it was really neat. He sometimes talks about having a baby in his tummy. The other day he told me that I have Baby Brother in my tummy and he has a baby sister in his tummy! We're having TWO babies!

* A few nights ago, James and Eddie were "wortin'" (workin') in the garage while I was finishing supper. I came out to find this:

He is TOO BIG! No longer a baby! I ask him all the time if he'll still be my baby and he says, "No, Daddy's baby!" I assure him that he can be both of ours and he'll concede and say, "Okay, but Daddy's baby, too." In case I try to steal him away I guess. (And no, he's not cross-eyed in real life. Maybe he was looking at the hat?)


Anna Catherine said...

Ooo wee! My baby is just precious!

Bridgett said...

Fischer drinks milk out of a coffee cup, too! It's his "foffee", though. :)

I can't believe baby brother is about to make his arrival... It seems (to me) that it has flown by!