Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Brother...37 Weeks!

Guess who we saw today? NOT the doctor. :( I was told by a doctor two weeks ago (not my own...haven't seen her since early December) that's it's VERY important now to see the same person each visit. Too bad they don't seem to take that seriously. When I checked out she gave me the appointment and I said, "Now, this is WITH Dr. W.?" and she said it was. I get that they have to run out to deliver babies, but not every single time I'm there. I've been a LOT and have seen MY doctor maybe 4 times and another doctor only once. IF we ever have another baby, I may be looking for a different practice...which is a shame because I really like my doctor when I see her. *Sigh*

So, what did we learn today? My weight is still good. My blood pressure was 110/62 today and Baby Brother's heartrate was 159 (I think). I measured fine. They didn't check any progress this week so it was a pretty quick appointment.

I've been rehearsing in my head what I'm going to say next week at my appointment to SEE a doctor. Pretty sure I'll ask the nurse as soon as I'm called back who I'm going to see and insist that it be the doctor. Last time I was induced so I'd rather talk to her about it beforehand this time around. I'm down to 20 days until my due date so I'd say it's time to have a chat with her about it. I know it will all work out but it is stressful!

James and I got several errands run after my appointment and got a few more things marked off my list. Thankfully! It's sloooowly getting shorter, which is fantastic! He and I even had a picnic in the car today while we were out. He thought that was funny. I've eaten out twice with him now - Chick-fil-A (which he calls "Chicken Day") and Sonic. I've downloaded an app on my phone that tells which foods to avoid at fast food restaurants and it's made me feel a little more at ease. I'm still a little panicky out and about with food.

Size of the Baby: Probably around 7 pounds by now!

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +12 pounds. Can you tell my appetite is in FULL FORCE? I cannot stop eating. I eat a little bit, get full, wait, eat a little more!

Maternity Clothes: I’m reaching the time we’re I’m outgrowing my maternity clothes. The mediums are too short, the larges are all too baggy. I just wear yoga pants at home anyway, though.

Gender: Another boy!

Movement: Yes! He’s running out of room so no more jabs, kicks, and punches, but he’s still rolling all around.

Cravings: I don’t have any real cravings. I’ve wanted lots and lots and lots of water lately. Diet Coke tastes bad (that’s a good thing, huh?) most of the time, but I like anything that’s a clear soda – Sprite, etc. Fresca!

Symptoms: Sciatica this week. This is how I felt my WHOLE pregnancy with James, though, so I’ll tough it out for three weeks.

Sleep: SO hard to fall asleep these days. I toss and turn (which isn’t easy) and huff and puff until I finally wear myself out. I’m usually up until 1 or 2 AM. No fun.

What I Miss: Bending over without hurting myself. Tying my shoes on top instead of the side (HA!). Confession: Eddie’s been tying them for me when he’s home. If James could tie, I’d enlist his help as well! Breathing normally.

Best Moment This Week: Nursery progress!

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Anna Catherine said...

Umm, so you mean eating until your full, waiting and then eating again until your full is only something you are supposed to do when you're pregnant? I'll have to give that memo to my body because I have felt like I'm starving all week and I eat ALL the time!

I saw someone say on FB the other day that CFA now has grilled chicken tenders in kid meals and that means it isn't fried in the peanut oil. I don't know if that's all that helpful, but just wanted to pass that along.

p.s. Hopefully James will react much better to baby brother's arrival then Finn did with Ruby. He sniffer her for a minute and then looked at us like "seriously, when is she going back?". Haha!