Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Update...

We had a GREAT weekend! I probably need to back all the way up to Thursday because James' social schedule began then.

I picked James up a little early from school Thursday afternoon so that he and I could drive down to Tifton. I did a Willow House party with my friend Juli, who sells Silpada. We decided to do it at the Wine Loft in Tifton just to avoid having it at her home or my mama's home. If you are a Tiftonite and haven't been to the Wine Loft - it is cute and definitely should be checked out! I got to see lots of friends and help start some Christmas shopping lists. (And not to overdo it on the blog here, but if you'd be interested in getting an email about our specials and promotions, let me know! You can get more information by emailing fresh{dot}lauren{at}gmail{dot}com. BIG, big sale going on now!)

James was making the tour in Tifton while I was busy "working." He went to Poppy's office and played for a while and then went to Nena's office to visit. (Molly! He missed you!) Later, he came to the Wine Loft to make an appearance there as well. Then, after the party was over, we stopped by Grandmama and Granddaddy's to visit for a few minutes.

 We planned to spend the night this time instead of getting home at late-thirty and we had a fun time visiting with Poppy and Cacky. James actually didn't make it all that late and fell asleep next to me as I worked on orders in bed. He was PRECIOUS and the perfect little snuggle-buddy...except he is a bed hog.

I emailed my dad a few weeks ago and asked if he and Laura would be willing (twisted their arms a little here) to take James from Friday to Sunday so that we could get a little cleaning/organizing done at our house. We are just behind on a lot of projects that need our attention and they're hard to get done without watching a two-year-old as well! So after we got up Friday morning we loaded up and headed home where we unloaded, repacked, and waited on YaYa's arrival. She, unfortunately, got stuck in a massive traffic jam and we wound up driving just a tiny bit north to meet her for the swap.

Would you like to know what I did on Friday afternoon while James was with YaYa and Eddie was working? I snuggled up on the sofa and watched Lake Placid 2 and 3. Oh yes...I did. If that's not embarrassing, I'm not sure what is. (I also admitted to Eddie last night that I wondered if another Lake Placid would be on SyFy tonight. I'm such an exciting person to be around.)

Friday night we had a date-night in and ordered pizza and watched a little DVR-ed TV. We worked on The Great Office Clean Out for a little while, but didn't get a ton accomplished. It was still a quiet, relaxing night and was greatly enjoyed!

Saturday was the main part of The Great Office Clean Out and we got a LOT accomplished. Most of our problem was the things that don't have homes that wind up just in a junk box. Add that to lots and lots and lots of bills and other paper stuff that just needs to be filed or shredded and we were overwhelmed.

Would you be shocked if I told you that I made breakfast for us on Saturday morning? Don't be that surprised...all I had to do was let the dough thaw and rise overnight. Eddie bought cinnamon bread from a co-worker for her granddaughter's school fundraiser and I finally thought about it with enough time to "make" it. It was delicious! (But definitely not homemade!)

I got this text of James on Saturday night. Eddie was, as I'm sure you could guess, thrilled to see his little boy in curlers. :)

Saturday evening the stars aligned and we were able to get together with some friends whose children were also out of town for the weekend. We had a great time at their house playing cards, watching football, and just catching up! We over-stayed our welcome (I think their clock in the den had already fallen back and I didn't realize it) and wound up leaving around midnight. Whoops!

Sunday morning we did the usual church and Sunday School routine before heading home for more cleaning and organizing and waiting for our little tornado to arrive back home.

Our grumpy little man is back with us now. He's fighting a combination of yet another cold/allergy illness, a lot of exhaustion, and the fact that he's been doted on every second for the past 48 hours. :) Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight (Sunday) and be recharged and happier tomorrow morning. He and I have some errand running to do tomorrow. It might be nice if I'd go to the grocery store and actually cook for the first time in about two months. :) Poor Eddie is probably losing weight from having a wife that doesn't remember to feed him. (Speaking of, the pregnancy brain is RIDICULOUS this time. RIDICULOUS!)

I have a few big plans in my head for the next few weeks. I'm already trying to decorate my house for Christmas (just in my head...Eddie respects the turkey too much to let me decorate already). Lots of fun, fun, fun!

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pcb said...

James also paid a quick visit to us at Kunes Real Estate as he was roaming the streets of town. :) He's so adorable!

Also, that picture of him in the curlers? Likely to be a classic!