Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Week...

James and I are heading to Tifton tonight for a Willow House party. We've decided to just spend the night this time because last time we wound up getting home after 10 and it was just crazy. Since I'm running around trying to get showered and packed (for tonight and for James to go to Atlanta tomorrow!), I thought I'd just share the pictures I took this week. They're just phone pictures, but some are cute and fun!

First time Trick-or-Treating. (Although, not our first house!) He was fascinated by the skull in this lady's bowl. It kept making noises.

We made it to the Train's party just in time to see Mr. Comer's firetruck! He was THRILLED.

It never fails - he strips down every time I leave him alone during breakfast.

Throwing the ball for Scout. They were waiting for her to return it.

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