Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse Party!

We had James' 2nd Birthday party on October 22nd at Ferry Lake Clubhouse in Tifton. This year, we decided to take the party where most of our guests would be rather than have the majority of people drive over an hour. I was also pretty thrilled not to have to clean my house. We learned there are positives and negatives to having it away from home. Lessons learned, I'll plan around those things next time!

I knew that because we'd be out at the clubhouse I would want something for the kiddos to do. I thought about coming up with a few games for them to play but then realized the easiest thing would be to just rent an inflatable for the afternoon and let them go. BEST IDEA EVER! Although, Grayson Anne did ask if this was the only toy I had. Ha! Poor kids...they'll never know birthday parties where Pin the Tail on the Donkey, decorate your own {insert your idea here - cookie, cupcake, pillow case, etc}, and make up dances to the popular songs are the activities.

The slide was a hit for almost everyone there. (I even went down before anyone else got there!) We had tailgating-style food this year instead of lunch for everyone. We also had cake and ice cream. I'll post more about the decorations tomorrow! Sorry to Mama, Mrs. Bobby, Kelly, and Lance. I apparently missed getting your pictures!

Sidenote: These two daddies braved the festivities alone with their kiddos. Cal and MaraDare had Baby Anna Cate on the 10th and they didn't want to get her out yet and Amy was out of town. We missed you ladies!

Ummm...he sat on the Sit 'N Spin! Can you tell he already had one? Ha!

This little bitty thing LOVED the slide. Samantha is 9 months old but weighs in at a teensy 13 pounds. She is a BIG GIRL, though, and went down the slide with her mama and daddy over and over! Look at that face!


pcb said...

Fourth picture (the second one of James on the slide) is SO good!

Amy said...

such great pictures!!! james looks so cute - love all the slide pics. looks like y'all had fun! :)

Lauren said...

i love all of the action slide shots and your family shots!!! looks like the party was a hit!