Saturday, July 16, 2011

New {Old} Furniture!

We're baaaack! Did you think I'd forgotten how to blog? Truth be told, along with VBS I hosted Book Club this week at my house and I was WIPED out from all of the fun. I've taken a nap every. single. afternoon. It was glorious!

Because I didn't take the first picture at VBS this week (I'm hoping my sweet friend Mary will post the ones that she took on Facebook), I'm hoping you'll forgive the lack of Baby James pictures today. They did give me a sweet copy of one so as soon as I get it scanned in I'll be sure to share it. (We had a FANTASTIC time at VBS! I had a group of sweet {mostly well-behaved} children. It was a good reminder of how exhausting teaching is, though! James, especially, had a fantastic week. He was excited to go back to the baby room every day! Our Children's Director, Mrs. Krissy, is SO sweet and James loves her. If I asked him who he was going to see at VBS he'd say "Tissy!" I can't wait until he's big enough to actually participate in the program!)

Last weekend while we were in Tifton we got a few new pieces of furniture. Mrs. Bobby gave us a beautiful buffet from her mama and daddy's house (those are Eddie's favorite pieces of furniture - that boy loved his Grandmamma and Granddaddy!) for our dining room. I had told Eddie when we first moved in our house that I knew it might be a long time before we could purchase a buffet (it just wasn't top priority!), but that I really, really wanted one. Mama has one in the foyer in her house and it's beautiful. I've always loved the option of serving off of it and it's a ton more storage, which was important to me. (We have TONS and TONS of kitchen/dining room stuff. Between gifts from parents, from our wedding, and from working for Willow House, I have a TON of serving pieces, etc.!) We did a little re-arranging in our dining room. The wall where the buffet is now used to be home to the china cabinet. The china cabinet was moved to a smaller wall where I used to have a chest-of-drawers (for the extra storage!). I LOVE how it turned out! Now to get curtains, cover my chairs, hang pictures and the mirror, and *possibly* paint! :) (The dining room is absolutely one of my favorite rooms in our house!)

For those who have been to our house, this is from the front door looking in. The chest-of-drawers was here before. (A lesson to be learned from me - when moving your china cabinet, it is best to make a note of where things go. I took everything out, Eddie moved it, and then I went "Huh? Where do I put this stuff?")

Horrible picture, but it is taken from the foyer just inside the front door. The china cabinet was here before. The mirror to hang above the buffet is currently residing on the table. (Also note that the chairs are in desperate need of recovering. The pattern matches my mama's dining room, but obviously not mine. I just need to make up my mind and get it done.)

A better picture of the buffet. It has two side doors with fairly large compartments and two large drawers in the middle. There is a knob missing but we have it stuck inside the drawer.

Pretty mirror. I think it's going to look great above the buffet! The paper backing is coming off. Do I need to get it professionally seen about or can I just pull it off and re-do it myself? Advice?

The other piece of furniture that came home with us was my mama's "china cabinet." It's one of a pair of book cases but she's almost always used it to house her china. I had the MOST fun putting all of my books in this one. We moved out the other book case that we had in our den and put the new one in its place. It has glass doors and shelves, a mirrored back, and is a TON larger. It's so much larger that we were worried it might not work! I put all of my antique books in the top half and some of our other books in the bottom half. On the bottom I double-rowed them because there was so much room. Eddie mentioned we'd never be able to find anything anymore. Y'all will laugh at me (my family will be rolling on the floor) but at some point I'm going to try to catalog all of our books and where they are so that if we're looking for something, we can find it. It is absurd the number of books the three of us have between us. (In addition to the den, James has his in his bedroom, we have a huge shelf in our office, two smaller shelves in our office, and books in our bedside tables. Think we like to read???)

 We LOVE how great the new pieces of furniture look! Thanks, Mama and Mrs. Bobby!

James Batman decided he did want to say hi! (Excuse the blurriness!)


Amy said...

love the new {old} furniture! it looks great! i am so sad that our dining room has now been converted into a playroom. in my next house (or my next life, whichever comes first) we will absolutely have a formal dining room and a SEPARATE playroom :)
i need to come up with something to do with all of our books, too. it's depressing, because i literally have at least 10 tubs full of books just sitting in our garage! :(
love the little pic of batman :)

pcb said...

Love your 'new' furniture! My china cabinet is an old family piece, too, and I adore it. About the paper on the back of the mirror...definitely do it yourself. All they do at the frame shop is cut kraft paper to size and glue it down. I've done it before and it's an easy fix.