Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C is for Car...

Last week we worked on the letter "C" and the color "yellow." If I'm honest, James is totally not getting all of this, but I know that he'll pick it up one day and it's fun in the meantime. James has never actually said the letter "C." I'm not sure if he was teasing me (he's WAY smart and has a tendency to be a little smart-alec) or if he really couldn't say "C" or if it was a combination of the two. Anytime anyone asked what our letter was he said "B." However, I know that at 20 months, we have PLENTY of time to learn and correctly say all of the letters. I also know that boys develop language skills later than girls and this is really the only skill he's behind in. But he speaks "Chinese" so that makes up for it.

Please excuse the lack of pictures as well. The week just got away from me. Here's what we did:

1. We sang the alphabet over and over and over.

2. We played with cars and drove James' car!

3. We watched the movie "Cars."

4. We colored our letter "C" with yellow paint.

5. We read our "Cars" Golden Book.

6. We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

7. We meant to color a cookie monster coloring sheet but I spilled my coffee on it one morning and never printed another one. :(

8. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

9. We played with James' caterpillar toy that he has.

10. We also meant to do a crab handprint painting on Friday but I just ran out of time. I'll hit it the next time we do the letter "C."

As I mentioned yesterday, we're taking the week off this week for VBS. Next week we'll be back with the letter "D." I'm actually going to change things up and ONLY focus on dogs. I know that seems a little strange, but I think he'll love it. He's a teensy bit obsessed with dogs!

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Amy said...

oooh....you should put "dots" on a dalmatian :)
we used to do this in K....just print out any old clip art of a white dog and either finger paint dots or use q-tips to put black dots on it. :)