Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update...

We had a great weekend!

On Friday night Eddie stopped by Publix on his way home (his FOURTH trip to Publix in a week - needless to say my meal planning was a disaster last week) and picked up frozen pizza. I actually had our leftover Chicken Tostada pizza that I made earlier in the week and James and Eddie shared a meat lover's. We could not figure out WHAT James was saying over and over. It sounded like "Tee Tee" but I kept trying to tell him we weren't going to watch Mickey. Finally and at last I realized he was trying to say "pizza!" He just wanted a bite of Eddie's! I think he had over a piece by himself. To say he loves Italian food is an understatement!

Saturday Eddie worked in the yard and got a project finished outside. I'd asked him a few weeks ago if he thought he might be able to build a raised flower bed for me so that I could use it as a vegetable garden. He truly wasn't all that excited about it until he realized he could use it for part of his homework for the leadership class he's almost finished with. He got the entire bed built Saturday afternoon. When his little shadow was awake he was right under Eddie's feet. I should've taken pictures. It's definitely no secret that James wants to be just like his daddy. If Eddie coughs, James coughs. If Eddie laughs at something, James laughs, too. We have a copycat on our hands for SURE. On Saturday afternoon Eddie was getting set up to build the bed and he put out his sawhorses. James came behind him and made sure they were adjusted just right. Eddie needed to use the drill so James thought he needed to do it too. Eddie definitely could've worked faster without the help but it was too cute to tear him away!

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and Sunday School.

Afterwards, Eddie chose a restaurant that is new-ish here. It's another local restaurant's sister place. We'd been to one, but not the other. It was great! It was almost exactly the same food but it was a buffet so Eddie felt like he got his money's worth. I usually HATE buffets, but we were the first people there so I felt like it might be ok. :) When we got home James helped Eddie open gifts. He picked out a new digital meat thermometer (our other one bit the dust recently) and a weather radio (Eddie is a weather nut...I think he should've been a meteorologist!) for his daddy this year.

Sunday was the first afternoon in a LONG time that Eddie didn't have homework due on Monday morning. Usually I despise Sunday afternoons because Eddie has to stay cooped up in the office and can't come out and play with James or even really eat supper. Yesterday, though, he played and worked around the house and got lots done! It was so nice! Anna stopped by for a visit late in the afternoon and James had the best time playing with her. He got so tickled at her!

We had a fantastic Father's Day weekend! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the dads in your lives!

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