Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Update...

Friday I packed James' bags to send him off to the lake with Papa and YaYa! I have to say that I've been a teeny bit sad about sending him off. NOT because he's not in capable hands. Aside from Papa and YaYa there are about seven or so other adults at the lake. He is being well taken care of. My hesitation came from the fact that he'd already been away from me from Sunday to Tuesday! That little stinker keeps me busy but he's fun to be around and I miss him when he's gone!

So because I was feeling a little mushy on Friday afternoon we did a few things that we don't usually get to do. First order of business was a little finger painting! We tried this a few weeks ago and he HATED it. But I also realized he was running a fever a bit later that morning and I thought maybe that was the reason for the hatred of smearing goopy stuff all around on paper. (Who doesn't like that?!?!) Success! He had a great time! We did several different paintings and after each one he'd sign "All done!" for me to take it and give him a new piece of paper. Hahaha! Silly boy! I told him NOT to put the paint in his mouth (it's non-toxic, I just didn't want him to) so of course his fingers went straight in because he likes to test me. Immediately he gagged and I had to wipe off his tongue. Guess who didn't taste it again, though! He also worked up a thirst while he was painting. Apple juice made all the hard work worth it!

On Saturday afternoon we met Papa and YaYa at Atlantic Station to have lunch and send the little man on his vacation. He and YaYa traded sunglasses at CPK while we waited. (YaYa also got James in trouble by teaching him to fling tea with a straw. I warned her that next week when he does that he's going to get a spanking.)

After lunch we said our goodbyes and I only cried for a minute. Then we had disaster of all disasters when we tried to leave the parking deck and didn't have our ticket. Of COURSE they don't have actual people at the gates...just call buttons to talk to not-helpful operators. She told us to go back to the pay station and find our ticket. This was 15 minutes AFTER Eddie had paid and the ticket had been eaten by the machine. This was also when we were in the front of a line of 15 cars. AND...have you seen my car bus? It can't be turned around in small spaces! Anyway...helpful parking deck custodian found us another ticket and we were on our way to IKEA! I hadn't forgotten that my sweet boy wasn't with me, but that sure was a good distraction.

Let me stop here and talk to you about the gloriousness of IKEA and how we didn't know about it until this weekend. I've always gotten their catalog but I had no idea what we were in store for. I told Eddie I'd heard we could be there for HOURS and he laughed at me like I'd lost my mind. Well. If you haven't been or don't know what IKEA is, it's a Swedish store that sells literally EVERYTHING one could need for the home. It's very modern and not totally my style, but still very, very cool. We wandered around and around and around the entire store and couldn't possibly have seen everything. (We were joined by about 3 million of Atlanta's residents so there's no way we COULD'VE seen everything.) I was looking for a few specific things and instead we left with a very cute Christmas gift for James and a bathmat for his tub. Not totally successful, but it was FUN! We had the best time looking! (And I resisted the call of the cinnamon rolls. Mmmm.

We left IKEA and went to The Dump. I was not overly impressed with this store. I was expecting furniture that was WAY reduced in price and it was reduced, but not by much. Maybe it's that Atlanta prices are a little more than small-town South Georgia, but I think there's more to it. We were looking at rugs and Eddie asked the girl if we could return it if it didn't fit where we were hoping to put it. She responded, "Oh yes! Of course you can return! You have until next week and it's a $25 restocking fee!" She obviously had no idea who she was trying to make a sale to because Eddie literally responded, "That just doesn't work for us. That's too much for something that we aren't even sure is the right size. Nevermind," and walked away. Haha! We didn't stay at the store long.

On our way home from Atlanta we stopped in Macon at Sam's to load up on some necessities. We hadn't been in months and months (we don't need bulk in tons of things - toilet paper, paper towels, etc. - but we are price checking to see if it's cheaper there). We really kind of love going to Sam's. We spent about two hours wandering around and writing down prices for ev.ery.thing. We had a good time because we didn't have anyone whining or wanting to get down, etc. When we got to the checkout she scanned Eddie's card and it had expired. I thought my knees were going to give out on me. Eddie's card is on Mr. Tommy's business account so we assumed Mr. Tommy just hadn't renewed Eddie this time. My BIG concern was that Eddie would get frustrated about it and not want to pay it and make me leave the whole grocery cart that we'd filled to the brim right there at the checkout. THANKFULLY Mr. Tommy just hadn't renewed any of the cards and it was a very, very simple renewal. It took about 15 minutes but we hadn't wasted our time and Eddie remained calm. :) (He isn't easily angered, he just doesn't let people give him the run-around and I was worried they were going to ask him to pay the Business Plus price to renew ONLY his card. He wouldn't have done that.) We got out of Sam's and headed home to our very quiet house.

All while we were doing our shopping, James was having a big time on his travels.

He watched Mickey in the car while wearing Papa's shoes:

He got to the lake and had a fun time swinging and playing:

On Sunday he went for an early morning walk and fell asleep:

Later I got a text that Dad is now the PSO - Permanent Sleep Orderly. The fact that he is taking a nap IN THE PACK-N-PLAY is amazing. If you know him, you know that this was good work:

And Sunday afternoon it rained so he entertained his adoring fans by showing them how to roll a ball:

I've been busy here at our house, but not busy enough. I'm crossing my fingers I'll get a LOT more of my list crossed off today!

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Amy said...

first....i LOVE the pic of james with his papa's shoes on - that is hilarious and so cute all at the same time! :)
second - we HEART ikea. we literally go there just for a "Date" sometime to walk around and look at everything - it never gets old.
third - i have heard quite a few people say that "the dump" is overpriced. their commercials make you think it's gonna be rock bottom prices, but i have heard that's not the case.
enjoy your quiet time - libbi is going to her nana's tomorrow and i already have a GIANT list of things to accomplish!! :)