Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today my baby is back home with me. I am so thankful to have him here to snuggle with!

Today I need to call James' doctor back. He called us yesterday and said there is almost NO chance that the reaction was caused by a nut allergy. Hallelujah!

Today both Papa and YaYa called to check on James because they're going through withdrawls.

Today I am sewing up a storm. Little man is close to having a new pair of dinosaur jammie pants.

Today we are going swimming at the neighbor's house because they're out of town. (They gave us permission.)

Today Eddie didn't come home for lunch. I had chips and salsa. That has nothing to do with Eddie not coming home. I would've eaten it anyway.

Today I need to drink a lot more water than I have been.

Today my house is back to being a mess.

Today I've done one load of James' laundry. Because we've ruled out a nut allergy, we think the culprit may be detergent other than dye free/scent free Tide. He might've inherited my sensitive skin. He had another teensy allergy reaction yesterday. Both times have been after he's worn something washed in Gain. :)

Today a sketchy looking man knocked on the door to sell pinestraw. I didn't open the door. I did bring Scout inside for a bit.

Today my goal is to finish three books I've started but I'm not quite through with.

Today has been a good day.


Amy said...

Glad your baby is back home! And SO glad it's not a nut allergy-woohoo!! I laughed out loud that you added in "they gave us permission" haha! ;)

Lauren said...

I cant wait to see the pj's!! And yes the permission comment cracked me up too! I forgot to call you on Monday about getting together :( maybe next week sometime?

Lauren and Eddie said...

Ladies, I do not break the rules. If I hadn't had permission, you can bet your britches I wouldn't have gone. Lauren, you can forget getting together. Just kidding!!! I was WAY busier than I thought I'd be anyhow. We are home and not terribly busy for a WHILE. Call me whenever. I don't have your # for some reason...